Blog #7: First Solo!

Inflight Student Pilot Blog Student Pilot: 29.0 Hours     I knew I was getting close. My landings were consistently safe, I had completed the required pre-solo written quiz, and I was becoming more capable as an independent pilot, and the next big requirement in my training was to start building solo time. After a […]

Blog #6: Going Places

Inflight Student Pilot Blog Student Pilot: 25.9 Hours Up until now, I have been cocooned in the relative safety of my home Flying Cloud airport and the close surrounding practice area. However, it is a big world out there and with my landings continuing to improve it is time to slowly but surely start exploring […]

Landings, Landings, Landings and Time Under the Hood

Inflight Student Pilot Blog Student Pilot: 18.4 Hours Training has taken on a decidedly different feel in the last few lessons. We have moved away from the fun and carefree cruising around the practice area, learning maneuvers and taking in the sights to something slightly more grinding involving laps and laps around the pattern never […]