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Week #3: It’s Not Me, It’s You

Student Pilot Blog

Inflight Student Pilot Blog Student Pilot: 8.0 Hours   Out with the old… Good luck Matt!         In with the new… Hello Drew!     It’s not me, it’s you.  We’re going our separate ways.  While this might sound like a bad break-up from a rom-com, the reality is that I will be […]

Week #2: Turn on the A/C Please

Turn on the A/C Please

Inflight Student Pilot Blog (Turn On The A/C Please) Student Pilot: 5.5 Hours   Week #2 is in the books and I am cooking both literally and figuratively in my training.  On the literal side, there has been a heatwave going through Minnesota the last couple of weeks, 90-95+ degree temps with humidity.  While those […]

Week #1: I Feel the Need, the Need for Cessna 172 Speed

Need Cessna 172 Speed,

Inflight Student Pilot Blog (Need Cessna 172 Speed) Student Pilot: 2.4 Hours   Before my first lesson, I was paired with a CFI named Matt to begin my training after filling out a brief questionnaire from Inflight, which helped to match me with someone who has a similar personality type, similar interests, and a teaching […]

Student Pilot Blog Series Introduction

Blog Series Introduction

Hello aspiring (or current) pilots and welcome to the Inflight Student Pilot Blog. My name is Drew, and I am a brand-new student pilot at Inflight Pilot Training based out of Flying Cloud Airport (FCM) in Eden Prairie, MN.  I’m working with the Inflight team to write a bi-weekly blog about my experience as a […]