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Best Gift Ideas for Christmas

It’s a great feeling when you’re gathered around the Christmas tree after Santa has made his way down the chimney and supplied your family with so many gifts. This December 25, make sure you have the best gift possible for everyone on your list, whether it’s for your spouse, children, friends or co-workers. Let’s take a look at the best gift ideas for Christmas — Feliz Navidad!  

Christmas Gift Ideas For Techies

For the person in your life who is always connected, impress them with a tech gift this Christmas. Nowadays, timepieces are digital, allowing users to do things with their watches that they never could before — monitor heart rate, answer text messages, listen to music and so on. As such, it makes the perfect present for the technology lover in your life. Check out these popular smart watch gifts for a number of great options.

Christmas Gift Ideas That Pamper

There’s no better time to snuggle up around loved ones under a cozy blanket than at Christmas. Lounge in luxury with an authentic Merino wool blanket from world-renowned Faribault Woolen Mill Co. Keep feet comfortable throughout the festivities with Ugg sheepskin slippers for men, women and children. Or, light up a candle, like this option from Frasier Fir and deliver a festive pine scent throughout the home.

Christmas Gift Ideas For Fitness Freaks

Those who are in constant motion, whether biking, jogging or lifting weights, there are plenty of gift ideas that will support an active lifestyle. In December, a nice pair of Nike Running Gloves will make all the difference when they’re out on a 10-miler in below-freezing temperatures. Likewise, road warriors may not be able to bike through the snow, but with this Indoor Cycling Conversion Stand, they can set up anywhere around the house and pedal to their heart’s content. For weightlifters, check out this all-in-one Zeno Bench, which brings the gym experience home.

Christmas Gift Ideas For Those That Imbibe

Christmas is a time for good spirits — so don’t forget the “spirits”. For those that enjoy a stiff cocktail, take a look at any number of different drinkware from Corkcicle, from tumblers to shakers to ice buckets and more. Other ideas for those that like beer or wine are to snag a subscription to the Craft Beer Club or Splash, who send a series of bottles every month over the course of a year.

Christmas Gift Ideas That Twinkle

Anyone that loves a gift that twinkles will appreciate a piece of jewelry or a new watch for Christmas. Think: pendant necklaces, an earring set, bracelet or maybe even an engagement ring. Or, find a new timepiece that was built for a professional that relies on it — an aviator. Find the best pilot watches and give them a highly precise, stylish instrument.

Christmas Gifts For Media Savants

Whether the person on your list likes blaring music, putting on a cinematic classic or listening to their favorite audiobooks, there’s something out there for every media savant. Audiophiles will love a record player that looks awesome and sounds great, like the Pro-Ject Wireless Vertical Turntable. Movie lovers can watch their favorites up on the big screen with something such as this mini projector and screen combo pack. And, of course, a subscription to their favorite audiobook service like Audible would likely be appreciated.

Holiday Gift Ideas For The Adventurous

For a gift with a little more get up and go, there’s nothing more memorable than a Discovery Flight from Inflight Pilot Training. With this, the person on your list gets to take the controls of an airplane and fly off toward the horizon, under direction of a certified flight instructor (CFI). They’ll also receive an introductory training session where they learn the ins and outs of becoming a private pilot — and you can even come along for the ride! Whether there’s an interest in learning to fly or they’ve always wanted an aerial view of the world below, this is a Christmas gift that will provide them with a truly remarkable experience. Searching for more great gifts for the aspiring pilot in your life? Check out our post: 20 Christmas Gifts For Pilots.

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