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Why Learn To Fly?

Whether you’ve always wanted to soar the skies, heading to uncharted destinations on the horizon, or you’ve recently become interested in the world of aviation, learning to fly is a challenging, rewarding and downright enjoyable experience. Not only that, once you’re certified, you’ll have a lifelong passion to sink your energy into. If you find yourself looking up whenever an airplane soars overhead, you may be a perfect candidate for flight school – let’s take a look at a few reasons why you should learn to fly.

Flying Lets You Travel On Your Terms

Traveling the way you wish, and not dealing with an airline or TSA, is one of the biggest draws of learning to fly, whether for business or leisure. Whenever you feel like taking off, be it to a board meeting out of state or a family vacation to the carribean, simply hop in the cockpit, enter your coordinates and take-off toward the horizon. 

Flying Lets You See The World

There’s no doubt that learning to fly affords you the opportunity to see more of the world. When you’re unrestricted by lengthy travel times via cars, trains or buses, you can quickly make it to any remote, far-reaching destination. But, beyond those places that are far away, it’s also about discovering the parts that we call home — seeing the towns that we experience everyday on the ground-level in an entirely new way. It’s a remarkable experience to see your world from thousands of feet above. 

Flying Opens Exciting Career Opportunities

Learning to fly, whether at an aviation college or accredited flight school, can open up a world of career opportunities. After you achieve your private pilot license, you can begin work on commercial ratings, instrument endorsements and other necessary skills to advance further in the field. Starting out, you might work professional flying jobs like emergency rescue, flight instructor or even as a mechanic. Eventually, with enough work, you can fly as an airline pilot or as a corporate pilot, among many other lucrative careers – the sky’s the limit! 

Flying Looks Great On Job & College Applications

Even if you never move to the next step beyond private pilot, your resume or college application will only benefit from such an esteemed accomplishment as obtaining an aviation license.  Even high schoolers benefit from flight training, and since there’s no minimum age to start flying lessons, you can gain valuable experience in the cockpit whenever you’re ready.

Flying Is Exciting, Challenging, Rewarding

When you undergo the flight training curriculum, you’ll be challenged in new ways. For example, in a training program like Part-61, students are required to study certain weather patterns, perform cross-wind take offs and memorize FAA protocol. Flight school is unlike any other school you’ve been to — we guarantee it. Much of it is done from the cockpit, thousands of feet above the ground, rather than a stuffy classroom or lecture hall. At the end of the process, you’re handed an official certification which allows you to fly solo to destinations around the globe.

Flying Lets You Into An Exclusive Community

The piloting community is tightly knit, and we welcome new and potential pilots of all kinds with open arms. There’s a certain camaraderie that comes with obtaining your private pilot certification and any social person is sure to enjoy it. So, if you’re looking for a passionate group of people that will likely become lifelong friends, becoming a pilot is a step in the right direction.

Flying Is Shown To Boost Confidence & Motivation

Your level of motivation is determined by how happy you are in various areas of your life, from family to career to hobbies. With the ability to self motivate, you will see success rise, even when facing adversity. In addition, there’s no doubt that flying takes confidence. In flight school, you’ll learn many self-confidence strategies to help you manage a high-flying lifestyle. 

Flying Makes Your Business More Successful

For businesses that own an aircraft or business owners with a pilot license, arriving to client meetings by airplane is sure to impress. Plus, it’s a great sign that your organization is healthy and bringing in plenty of revenue. On top of that, there are a number of other reasons to use a small business airplane, from networking opportunities to remote accessibility and more.

Flying Is Downright Enjoyable

Learning to fly is an investment in yourself, and you won’t find another hobby that’s as challenging as it is fun. It requires you to think independently, learn about yourself and test your capabilities, all while giving you the thrilling adventure of a lifetime. 

Now you know why learn to fly – hop into the cockpit today

Whether you want to travel the world, join an exclusive community of pilots, find more success in business or are looking for an exciting new hobby, learning to fly allows you to do all of that and so much more. Now that you know some great reasons to learn how to fly, hop in the cockpit and give it a try today.

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