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Struggling to Choose a Career?

Struggling to Choose a Career? One that isn’t your typical nine to five, working in a cubicle, dressing in a suit and tie? For those searching for a thrilling, adventurous, or just plain enjoyable job, there are a ton of opportunities to consider – some that you simply may not have thought of.  With that in mind, let’s take a look at some cool jobs you can consider in order to craft a more perfect vision of your professional future.

Ambulance Driver

Ambulance drivers face a lot of intensity in their positions, since they’re responsible for navigating busy roadways and reaching the hospital as soon as possible. It requires a high level of self confidence, navigating the sick and injured to the emergency room. Those interested in driving ambulances don’t need a college degree, so it’s much more accessible than other medical professions, but it does require a special commercial license. 


For those looking for a thrilling career that’s animal friendly, consider applying for a position at your local zoo. As a zookeeper or assistant, for example, you’ll feed, manage and monitor the park’s various wildlife. Some of these animals can be pretty intense – when you’re face to face with a tiger, you’ll understand just how thrilling of a career you’ve chosen!

Search & Rescue

From bringing stranded hikers down a mountain to saving people from wildfires to finding lost children, search and rescue jobs are incredibly important to recovering those in need. You will need to be prepared for a rigorous training schedule and a highly self-motivated individual, while remaining on-call in order to rescue someone at a moment’s notice.


If you want to join the ranks of some of the bravest first responders employed by our communities, consider becoming a firefighter. While it’s no easy task, and may be more suited to those who are already in medical school or an EMT position, it’s an exciting and rewarding career that others look highly upon. Every city and state have their own unique requirements as to what it takes to be a firefighter, so check your local government’s website for more information.

Video Game Designer

With the rise in popularity of eSports and an advance in technology, video games and the professionals who design them are in high demand. The top employees in the field make several hundreds of thousands of dollars per year, and by 2026, the number of available jobs is projected to grow by over nine percent. This makes it a great job for those in high school

Sports Professional

We’re not talking about trying out for the Minnesota Twins, but searching for jobs within your favorite sports category may be a good option for those who live for game day. For example, every arena has a need for extra staff members, whether that’s working concessions or security. Other ideas are working at a golf course, starting your own fitness trainer side hustle or even becoming a coach for a local sports league.

Forest Ranger

For those with an affinity for the outdoors, landing a position at a local, state or national park can be an exciting opportunity. If you don’t have a nature-based college degree, you can always consider an opportunity through your department of U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the Bureau of Land Management. They are often looking for people to fill positions as surveyors and on maintenance crews.

Certified Pilot

There’s nothing more thrilling then soaring thousands of feet above the earth, toward destinations on the horizon. As a professional pilot, you are able to enter a number of career paths within the world of aviation that are as exciting as they are rewarding. Whether you want to fly jumbo jets for a major airline, join the military and become a fighter pilot, shuttle business people around the country or join a search party, obtaining a pilot license opens a world of opportunity. Find even more great reasons to become a commercial pilot and put yourself on a path toward success today.

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