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Best Gift Ideas for Birthdays

It’s someone’s special day, and you want to show them how much they matter to you. Whether it’s your mom or dad, son or daughter, a significant other, or another loved one, give them a gift they are sure to love. If you’re low on ideas, have no fear because we’re going to explore some of the best gift ideas for birthdays that you can feel free to use for the upcoming occasion. 

Here are the best gift ideas for an upcoming birthday for all of the people you cherish in life — let’s explore!

Best Birthday Gifts For Kids

Birthdays are a big deal, especially for kids. After all, it’s the one day per year where they’re the center of attention while getting to eat cake and receive gifts. For those children that love to build, check out any number of Lego sets with a theme that they love, from Star Wars to Batman  to Disney and many more. Kids that are always on the move, but not quite coordinated enough to skate themselves will love something like this inflatable rolling unicorn. Featuring colorful LEDs, foot-to-floor motion activation and an easy way to store, they’re sure to love this unique item. 

Best Birthday Gifts For Mom 

Getting a thoughtful gift that your mom will cherish is easier said than done, but it’s certainly not impossible. Beyond (or in addition to) flowers or candy, give something that comes from the heart. For moms that love to read, get her a subscription to a book service like Book of the Month Club or to an audiobook platform like Audible. Moms that are more sentimental would enjoy a personalized photography item, whether it’s a photo book, wooden display box, or an enlarged print for her wall — take a look at some of these great options and more at Artifact Uprising.

Best Birthday Gifts For Dad

You don’t need lots of money to get a good gift for your dad — he’d likely be just as happy spending quality time with you, whether it’s on the lake fishing or watching your favorite movie together. However, a little creativity goes a long way. For the dads that love beer and barbecue, he’s sure to appreciate some new spices and other cooking accessories from Spiceology and their collaboration with The Grill Dads. Don’t forget to order a Craft Beer Box so that they have something to pair their barbecue creations with.

Best Birthday Gifts For A Significant Other

Whether you’re in a new relationship or approaching your diamond anniversary, show your significant other how much you care about them with the right gift. For wives or girlfriends, you can’t go wrong with a perfume subscription from Scentbird those that love smelling great. If you’re trying to improve your boyfriend’s or husband’s fashion game, pick them up a bag that’s strong and stylish enough for a professional pilot. There are a number of pilot bags that can be used as anything from travel luggage to a work bag and everything in between.

A Thrilling Birthday Gift For Anyone: Flying! 

If learning to fly is something that has been a lifelong dream of the birthday boy or girl on your list, help them get started with a Discovery Flight from Inflight Pilot Training. They receive the chance to hop into the cockpit, take the controls and experience first-hand what it’s like to fly an airplane — under the direction of a professional pilot, of course. They learn the basics of aviation and get to see the world from thousands of feet above. And, as a bonus, you can even come along for the ride! Searching for more great gifts for the aviator in your life? Check out our post: 20 Cool Gifts For Pilots.

Do you want to give the gift of flight to someone special?

Get in touch with the team of flight instructors at Inflight Pilot Training. We’re the leading flight school in Minneapolis/St. Paul and will put you on a path toward licensing. Become a private pilot, work toward commercial licensing or simply take an aerial tour of the Twin Cities — no matter what your goal is, we’ll supply you with the perfect gift for the special person in your life (even if it’s you!)

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