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Why Learn To Fly?

Learn To Fly

Whether you’ve always wanted to soar the skies, heading to uncharted destinations on the horizon, or you’ve recently become interested in the world of aviation, learning to fly is a challenging, rewarding and downright enjoyable experience. Not only that, once you’re certified, you’ll have a lifelong passion to sink your energy into. If you find […]

Struggling to Choose a Career?

Cool Job Ideas For a More Thrilling Future

Struggling to Choose a Career? One that isn’t your typical nine to five, working in a cubicle, dressing in a suit and tie? For those searching for a thrilling, adventurous, or just plain enjoyable job, there are a ton of opportunities to consider – some that you simply may not have thought of.  With that […]

History of Flight Schools in Minnesota

Flight Schools in Minnesota

From the first flights across our state’s skies in the early 1900s to the development of major airports like MSP and Flying Cloud to the massive growth in interest in general aviation, Minnesota has played a major role in nearly all stages of flight development. Many of the most successful early-day pioneers were simply people […]