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Fun Activity Ideas for Wayzata High School Students

Whether school’s out for summer, you’re gearing up for spring break or just searching for something to kill time after the bell rings, there are plenty of activities for high schoolers at Wayzata High School to participate in. From getting outdoors and exploring the many great areas of the western suburbs to starting your own school club to picking up a thrilling new hobby, the options are endless. 

So if you’re trying to stave off boredom, try any one of these fun activity ideas that are ideal for a Wayzata Trojan — let’s take a look!

Start A Summer Bucket List

When summer is on the horizon, make sure you’re ready to accomplish all that you want. First things first, compile a list of some of your ideal activities that you and your friends want to do. This gives you a chance to think about what your upcoming break will be like and gives you a chance to achieve your most important goals.

Bike The Dakota Rail Regional Trail

While there are a ton of fun things to do in Wayzata, one of the top places to enjoy the vast outdoor scenery of the popular suburb is the Dakota Rail Regional Trail. You’ll find a long, bikeable, 28-mile path running from Wayzata to Lester Prairie, spanning two counties and dozens of charming towns. Find beautiful views of Lake Minnetonka, historic railroad bridges and a peaceful trail, great for any age.

Bury A High School Time Capsule

It may be 10, 20 or any other number of years in the future, but you’ll likely look back at your teenage years fondly. Putting together a time capsule is a good activity for high schoolers, allowing you to take a snapshot of your youth to revisit again down the road. Add pictures, write down your most memorable events and include a letter to yourself that we guarantee will make you nostalgic when you read it someday down the road. Whatever you decide to include, a time capsule lets you keep your memories intact, and eventually, you’ll get the chance to see how far you’ve come. 

Join (Or Start) A Club

Whether you’re joining a fun club over the summer that’s centered around sports, video games or computer coding; or starting a new after-school organization that’s academic based, a club is a fun way to spend your extra time. Not only can you learn more about the things you’re interested in, but you’ll find a social group that’s equally as interested. If you want to skip the legwork that’s involved with starting your own club, Wayzata High Schools offer many clubs that are easy to get involved in.

Accomplish A Good Deed

Any time of year is a great time to do something nice for other people. Not only does it give you something to do, but you’ll feel great once you do it. There are several ways to give back to your peers and community, including delivering a meal to neighbors, babysitting for a friend for free, clean the house for your parents or volunteer through a youth-oriented organization like the local Club Y.E.S. (Youth Extending Service).

Keep Up Your Curiosity 

If you’ve got some time to kill, keep the curiosity flowing outside of the classroom with a visit to a museum. Several museums, from art to history to agriculture to so many more, offer student discounts or are often free for high schoolers. Check out some of the more popular cultural centers in Wayzata, like the Depot and Railroad Museum or the West Hennepin History Center, and immerse yourself in local lore. Bring along a group to make it a social event.

Make Something

You may not even be artistic, but that doesn’t mean you can’t create something unique that you’re passionate about. From developing a website to creating a new culinary recipe to starting a Twitch stream where you play your favorite video game, the options are endless. Other options include making a photo montage of you and your friends’ adventures over the summer or trying your hand at designing your own clothes. 

Join A JROTC Program

Those with an interest in military, leadership and civic engagement, the Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (JROTC) program through the Air Force supplies just that. This type of curriculum revolves around character development and community service, while promoting military-style training. For those with an interest in joining the ranks someday, this is a great first step.

Plan A Trip

You’re only young once, so take advantage of extra time and energy by exploring new places and towns throughout Minnesota. There are a number of great destinations in our state that make easy day-trip destinations. From fun camping spots to lakeside lodges to the action of Minneapolis, load up some friends and create a memory on a fun excursion.

Learn How To Fly

If you want to impress your friends, family, (and yourself) there’s nothing more thrilling than taking flying lessons. Not only is it a great hobby, it provides potential for you to explore aviation-related educational programs and career paths down the road. And, since there’s no minimum age to learn how to fly, you can get started whenever you feel like the time is right.  If you’re interested in learning what it’s like to be a pilot, try Inflight Pilot Training’s Discovery Flight Program today — you’ll get the chance to hop in the cockpit and fly a plane yourself, while receiving introductory training from a certified flight instructor (CFI).

Do you dream of taking flight?

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