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Fun Activity Ideas for Nova Classical Academy (NCA) Students (St. Paul)

Those students at Nova Classical Academy are driven and intelligent, but like most high schoolers, are always on the lookout for new ways to spend their free time — whether you’re on break, have extra time after school or trying to occupy empty weekends. Thankfully, there are a number of activities in and around St. Paul that will keep you entertained. And, you’ll likely learn something new while meeting new friends along the way. 

So if you’re a student at Nova Classical Academy, here are some ideal activities for you and your peers — let’s take a look!

Enjoy St. Paul’s Cultural Hotspots

Spend an afternoon exploring Downtown St. Paul, walking along the riverfront. There are many cultural destinations within walking distance, such as the award-winning Science Museum of Minnesota. Or, find creative inspiration visiting the many exhibits at the Minnesota Museum of Art. Afterwards, experience the full beauty of the capital city’s skyline with Paddle Share, a National Park service that supplies three-hour kayak rentals for solo and dual riders.

Build A Website

Today’s students are preparing to enter a professional world that’s more technologically advanced than ever. As such, it may be a good exercise to try building your own website. Whether you want to develop a simple portfolio of work that can be used toward a college application, sell some type of art via an ecommerce store, or you have a killer app idea, there are platforms to learn everything you need to succeed in these more advanced areas. 

Join A Nova Classical Academy Activity Club

High school is the perfect time to explore your interests, no matter what they are. Starting a club is a good way to find peers your age that share like-minded interests. You can start your own club through Nova Classical Academy via their co-curricular application

Pick Up Some Volunteer Shifts

If you’re searching for a good hobby that makes you feel good while beefing up a college application, volunteering your time is the perfect option. And St. Paul is full of great opportunities for young adults. For example, NCA students may feel right at home at Saint Paul Public Library, where volunteers need to be over the age of 12 to apply. Or, help your poverty-stricken neighbors through Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity, where you get to participate in building and rehabilitating affordable housing throughout the city. 

Explore Minnesota

There are a ton of fun things to do in St. Paul, and there’s no better time to travel than in your youth. Whether you’re able to tag along with a group of friends or travel under the supervision of a parent/guardian, there’s no wrong way to explore destinations beyond your little corner of the state. For instance, there are many fun, accessible places to visit in Minnesota that can make great first-time trips for young adults to experience — plus, a trip to some of these picturesque areas will provide you with more than enough social media content for the week.

Sign Up For Flight School

As a Nova Classical Academy student, you receive an education that’s centered around self discipline, virtue and high analysis. As such, this makes you an ideal candidate for flight school. Learning to fly is an experience unlike any other, requiring dedication that not many other high schoolers have. You’ll be challenged in new ways, but by the end of the experience, you have the chance to soar the skies, traveling to destinations throughout the world. The best part is that there’s no minimum age to start. Ultimately, you get the chance to take off in a new lifestyle, while exploring college and career opportunities in the field of aviation.  To get started, take a look at Inflight Pilot Training’s Discovery Flight Program, where you get the chance to take control of a plane yourself, while receiving introductory training from a professional pilot.

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