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Fun Activity Ideas for Mounds View High School Students

When you’re looking for a new activity to occupy your free time, whether over summer break or when the bell rings, there are all sorts of fun things for Mounds View High School students to do in and around their hometown. Keep boredom at bay and create a craft a memorable experience — here are some cool activity ideas for you and your fellow Mounds View Mustangs to take advantage of this year.


Visit All Of The Many Lakes

With easy access to Shoreview and the many fun things to do there, you can enjoy access to dozens of parks and lakes around the area. Spend every day of the month going around to various bodies of water like Lake Johanna, Turtle Lake or Rice Creek, where you can spend time chilling on the beach, renting paddle boards, snapping the perfect pic for Instagram and enjoying the company of friends.

Get Active

There are a million different ways to get active in Arden Hills. Not only are there many parks and recreation centers, but there’s a recently added skatepark, featuring authentic boxes, rails quarter- and mini-pipes, as well as a spot to lounge. Other options include signing up for an Air Force JROTC program, where you learn about civic duty while participating in military-oriented workouts, joining Arden Hills’ premier TITLE Boxing Club and trying a new athletic challenge, or undertaking a session at the new YogaHotDish center to practice mindfulness while working out.

Get Creative

As venues start slowly opening back up in the Twin Cities, now is the perfect time to choose a DJ name or form the next supergroup and start rehearsing for shows. All you need to get started is a laptop and a digital audio workstation like Garageband or ProTools. If drawing or painting is more your thing, consider working up some pieces and selling them via an Etsy shop or social media to make some extra cash for summer vacay. You can even start making digital art on a tablet computer with apps like Adobe Sketch or Procreate.

Participate In Extracurricular Activities

There are many extracurricular activities at extracurricular activities at Mounds View High School. There are all the classics, like sports teams, band and academia clubs, but there are more unique options as well, including diversity council, fashion club and even an ultimate frisbee group. Of course, if nothing on the list piques your interest, you can join or start your own private club. This is the best way to find people with like-minded interests and you’ll likely make lifelong friends in the process.

Plan Your First Trip

Taking off on your first trip is an important right of passage for anyone approaching adulthood. Fortunately, there are many accessible destinations in Minnesota when starting out in the north suburbs of Minneapolis that are great for a quick but memorable trip. Visit one of the many picture-perfect lakes, go on an outdoor adventure at one of several state and national parks, or make a cold-weather excursion to a number of winter destinations

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