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Fun Activity Ideas for Minnetonka High School Students

Whether high school is in session or it’s summer break, students are on a constant hunt for fun ways to occupy their time. Thankfully, Minnetonka is a great town to grow up in, with plenty of places to explore and things to see — from spending the summer lounging lakeside with friends to taking a trip to a new destination to trying out a new hobby and so much more.

With that being said, here are some fun activities for Minnetonka Skippers — check ‘em out!

Lounge Lakeside

While there are many fun things to do in Minnetonka, a few trips to the big lake should be on your summer bucket list. With several beaches, coves and miles of shoreline, there’s a lot to explore on Lake Minnetonka. Although you may not be able to rent a powered boat as a teenager, make a stop at Tommy’s Tonka Trolley for old-fashioned ice cream and fried fare, as well as kayak, canoe and paddle board rental.

Start An Activity Club

From sports to video games to building computers, there are a ton of opportunities to socialize around the thing that you love by starting an activity club. When you’re surrounded by people that share your passions, you’re sure to find a few new friends and learn more about your interests. Of course, if you want to skip the legwork involved in making your own club, check out the many organizations sponsored by Minnetonka High School that are easy to join.

Foster A Pet

If you’re an animal lover and your parents think you can handle the extra responsibility on top of homework and extracurriculars, fostering a pet can be a worthwhile learning experience. It will teach you patience and empathy, and you’ll get to save a life in the process. Secondhand Hounds is Minnetonka’s premier fostering organization and can help you get set up with the pet of your choice. 

Give Back

Whether you have extra time over spring break or are just looking to do something nice, giving back to your community makes you feel great while bringing joy to others. Even simple good deeds will be welcomed by those in need — try delivering dinner to an elderly neighbor, providing free babysitting services to family friends or volunteering at the local ICA food bank.

Create Something New

Even if you’re not a traditionally artistic person, that doesn’t mean you don’t have creativity flowing through you in some way — whether it’s woodworking, building a new app, designing your own clothing line or putting together a scrapbook of high school memories, the options to make your own unique something are endless. 

Keep Your Brain Power Up

Staying curious outside of the classroom provides real-world life lessons that you simply won’t get from a textbook. This can be especially helpful during summer break or other extended time off to keep your mind sharp. The Minnetonka area is home to some great museums that are sure to pique your interest, like the historic Charles H. Burwell House, built in 1883. Or, take a trip on the Steamboat Minnehaha, one of the first passenger ships to traverse the lake with a rich background of its own.

Join A Car Club

There are all kinds of car clubs in the Twin Cities, and since you’ve likely just turned 16 or are about to, you’re probably ready to tear up the streets. If you have a fascination with cars, join one of these organizations to find other like-minded individuals who love all types of cars, from classic to modern and everything in between.

Schedule A Trip

Your golden years don’t last forever, so take every advantage you get to explore the many great areas of Minnesota while you’ve got the energy. Plus, you can be out and back to many of the state’s top destinations in a day or two, so your parents won’t worry too much. Try a day trip to Duluth for some shopping and a live show, visit Stillwater to explore the scenic banks of the Chippewa Valley, or enjoy winter at one of the many amazing skiing and snowboarding destinations throughout Minnesota. 

Take Flying Lessons

Even though you can take flying lessons at any age, not many high school students can say that they’re pilots. But, if you want to join this exclusive group of aviators, certification within your reach. Since there’s no minimum age requirement, beyond being 16 to solo and 17 to receive a license, any age group can try their hand at flying an airplane. Not only is it a thrilling hobby for a young person, but it can lead to further career or schooling opportunities in the future. If you’re interested in learning what it’s like to be a pilot, try Inflight Pilot Training’s Discovery Flight Program today — you’ll get the chance to hop in the cockpit and fly a plane yourself, while receiving introductory training from a certified flight instructor (CFI).

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