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Fun Activity Ideas for Math & Science Academy (MSA) Students (Woodbury)

If you’re a student at Math & Science Academy, chances are you’re on a constant hunt to find a new, fun hobby to partake in. Whether you’re looking for a social club or something adventurous you can try on your own, there are a ton of fun things for high school students to do in and around the town of Woodbury.  With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the many fun activities for MSA Dragons that are guaranteed to help you stave off boredom — here we go!

Create A Digital Art Masterpiece

At a school like MSA, your curriculum is chock-full of STEM-based subjects. But, don’t miss out on the opportunity to flex your creative muscle by taking up a hobby like digital art. Thanks to the lack of materials needed compared to traditional painting, the ease of downloading any number of drawing apps directly to a tablet, computer or even smartphone, and the advance in stylus technology, it’s easy to get started crafting your next digital masterpiece

Enjoy The Outdoors

In terms of outdoor activity, MSA students have their pick of beaches, athletic fields, golf courses and cross-country ski areas throughout Woodbury. Have an adrenaline-fueled afternoon exploring the mountain biking trails at Carver Lake Park, and afterward, hit Carver Lake Beach to cool down with a swim or work on your tan. Another popular recreation destination is Tamarack Nature Preserve, a hidden gem among Twin Cities’ parks, where you can get lost on an extensive system of nature-filled boardwalks.

Get Started With Investing

Those with a knack for numbers, like those at Math & Science Academy, are in a prime position to grow a vast amount of wealth through the stock market. And, the earlier you start, the longer your money has to mature. Fidelity recently introduced a teenager-based, no-fee investing program called Youth Account, designed specifically for students ages 13 to 17. For those that aren’t into the traditional save-and-wait approach, cryptocurrency has recently grown in popularity. An app like Coinbase, for instance, allows anyone to buy or sell digital currency like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin and more and try their hand in the DeFi industry. 

Form An Activity Club With Fellow Students

Whether you’re a sports fan, interested in robotics, want to learn more about a foreign culture, or something else altogether, there are many types of student clubs at MSA. But, even if something on that list doesn’t pique your interest, you can always start your own social club or student activity group based around whatever it is that you love. For example, car clubs in Minnesota are a popular choice, and great for those who are getting on the road for the first time and want to learn more about their automobiles. Of course, you can form a club around anything, from video games to exercise to an improvisational comedy and so much more.

Hit The Road

Even if you can’t take a trip without some sort of parent or guardian present, it’s still a great idea to venture beyond your corner of Minnesota in your youth when you’re old enough to gain permission. While yes, Woodbury is full of fun things to do, there are areas to explore throughout Minnesota, whether a weeklong camping excursion in the Northwoods or a quick day trip to the shores of Lake Superior in Duluth. 

Become A Pilot

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