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Fun Activity Ideas for Edina High School Students

Whether summer is nearing or you’re just looking for some fun activities to occupy your time after the bell rings, there are plenty of things you can do to stay entertained as an Edina High School student. From starting your own club to picking up a new hobby to flexing your creative muscles, the options are endless.

If you’re searching for a way to fight boredom and have fun, here are some great activity ideas for students attending Edina High School — let’s take a look!


Enjoy A Hometown Shopping Destination 

Living in Edina gives you access to one Minnesota’s top shopping destinations. Of course, not all high schoolers have the budget for some of these high-end stores in Edina, there are plenty of other fantastic shops, boutiques and consignments that are worth a visit. Turnstyle is a cool second-hand store where you can find vintage treasures at a discount, while many small boutiques on the 50th and France strip offer sale events throughout the year.

Start An Activity Club

No matter what you love to do, whether it’s playing football or playing Rocket League, there are people out there that share your passions. Starting your own club lets you organize a group around the thing that you’re interested in while meeting other like-minded people that you’re sure to connect with. If you’re more interested in joining an organization, rather than starting one, take a look at this directory of clubs through Edina High School.

Go On A Golf Outing

There are many things to do this summer in Edina, and golf is the perfect outdoor activity for a young person. Home to many great golf courses, Braemer takes the top spot as the best, most affordable public course in town. Whether you want to hit a quick nine or play a full 18-hole round, visit the driving range or take lessons, this is the place to do it. Grab some friends and make an afternoon of it, while enjoying the summer weather and a relaxing day on the links.

Volunteer Your Time

Those Edina Hornets who are more altruistic will find fun volunteering for organizations around town. For example, the local Hennepin County Library and YMCA are flexible options for high schoolers. But, even if it’s just a simple good deed like mowing an elderly neighbor’s lawn or picking up litter around your community, giving back gives you a useful and rewarding way to spend your free time helping others. 

Open A Booth At Edina Art Fair

Future artists can find a home at the annual Edina Art Fair, where thousands of people flock to the streets of 50th and France to explore the artwork of hundreds of local and nationally recognized artists. For those trying to skip the registration fee, consider propping up a small booth just outside of the fairgrounds and sell your work to those on their way in or out.

Keep Your Mind Sharp

If you have an extended break, whether for summer, the holidays or some other reason, make sure you don’t lose any brain power. Edina is home to a number of wonderful museums and other educational centers that will keep you curious — check out Edina Historical Society to learn about the fascinating local lore of this affluent suburb or spend a Saturday at Gallery 71, which hosts four modern artwork exhibits a year.

Schedule A Trip

Your teenage years will be over before you know it, so take advantage of travel opportunities while you have the chance. Get together with some friends and plan an excursion to one of the many top destinations throughout Minnesota. The good news is that many of these are travelable in a single day, giving your parents few excuses to say no. Lounge on the water at a number of gorgeous lakes, go on an outdoor excursion at one of the many state and national parks, or take advantage of the northern climate with a variety of winter destinations.

Take Flying Lessons

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