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Fun Activity Ideas for East Ridge High School Students (Woodbury)

Are you an East Ridge High School student who is looking for some fun activities to occupy your free time, whether you’re on break or it’s the weekend? Well, there are all sorts of fun things for young adults to do in and around the Woodbury area. If you’re looking for ways to create some unforgettable memories either solo or with your friends, here are some activity ideas that are sure to help you have a better school year.

Fun Activity Ideas for East Ridge High School Students (Woodbury)

Enjoy Outdoor Recreation

There are a ton of spots where East Ridge High Schoolers can explore the outdoors while getting some exercise in as well. There are five community parks around town: Bielenberg Sports Center, Carver Lake, Central Park, Ojibway Park and Tamarack Nature Preserve. At any of these parks, you’ll find the chance to reconnect with nature while exploring hiking trails and sports facilities. Or, spend a leisurely day on the links at Eagle Valley, a 72-par golf course, featuring impeccable greens and challenging fairways, and on-site food and refreshments.

Become A Musical Master

If you dream of seeing your name up in lights some day, then the best time to get started working on your craft is right now in high school. The good news is that all you need to get started anymore is a digital audio workstation like ProTools, Logic Pro or even free programs like GarageBand or Audacity, and a computer. Follow this beginner’s guide to start creating your mash-up masterpieces or the next big club hit.

Start An East Ridge High Activity Club

There are a ton of extracurricular clubs at East Ridge High, covering everything from arts to academia to sports and so much more. Of course, if there’s nothing on that list that grabs your interest, you can always join a club outside of school. There are organizations all over the Twin Cities that cater to members of all ages and covering topics ranging from video games to cars, fitness, movies and everything in between.

Plan Your First Trip

An important part of growing up is planning your first trip. While you may have to wait until age 18 to travel solo, it’s never too early to start planning an adventure to uncharted parts of Minnesota. Even though there are so many things to do in Woodbury, there are several accessible destinations throughout the state that make a great trip for a high schooler. From isolated camping trips to cabin rental retreats to leaf-peeping excursions in the fall and so much more. 

Participate In Youth Flight Training

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Fun Activity Ideas for East Ridge High School Students (Woodbury) Do you want to learn how to fly?

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