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Fun Activity Ideas for Eagle Ridge Academy Students (Minnetonka)

Whether you’re getting ready to enjoy an extended break or are just trying to occupy excess time after class, there are many different local (and not so local) activities for Eagle Ridge Academy students to enjoy. Are you searching for a new hobby just for the fun of it? Interested in endeavors that can beef up your college application? Maybe you’re looking to take your first excursion to one of the many great destinations throughout Minnesota.  Whatever type of activity you’re looking for, we’ll help you find it. Keep reading to find out some great activities for Eagle Ridge Gryphons to crush boredom and occupy your time in a fun way.

Form An Activity Club

There are a ton of clubs at Eagle Ridge Academy, from activities that will push your intellectual limits to sports leagues to creative art groups and so much more. There’s even a ski/snowboard club — take a look at some of the top winter destinations in Minnesota that provide the perfect place to show off your skills. There are many organizations around the Twin Cities that accept young adults as members, as well. Try your hand at something exciting like a car club or flying club, for example. The sky’s the limit!

Catch A Show In The Park

Gather your favorite group of friends and enjoy live music, plays and movies through the City of Minnetonka’s Entertainment In The Park series. All summer long, events take place at the outdoor amphitheater on the Civic Center campus. Enjoy an eclectic mix of groups, playing everything from jazz to salsa to rock to tribute music, along with live theater performed by local youth and cinematic classics played on a large outdoor screen.

Develop A Video Game

Those that are interested in video games or eSports may find it highly interesting to move into design/development someday, particularly if you’re feeling restricted by in-game building in games like Minecraft. But, with tools available to you today, you can get started right now if you wish. Programs like Roblox and Codea, for example, can help teach you the guiding principles behind coding and designing video games for various devices. Eventually, when you have a solid educational foundation, you’ll want to move up to more advanced engines like Unity and Unreal Engine — check out this guide for more information.

Take-Off On Your First Trip

As a young adult, you may not have had the opportunity to explore the world — or even Minnesota — all that much. But, there’s never been a better time to take off on a trip to uncharted destinations throughout the state. And there are plenty of them. Some ideas include taking a camping excursion in countless national and state parks, enjoying aquatic activities at many picturesque lakes or escaping on an autumnal adventure through Minnesota’s top leaf-peeping areas.

Try Out Youth Pilot Training

If you’ve always dreamt of entering an exciting career path with an exclusive lifestyle that allows you to explore the country, signing up for flying lessons is the first step. There’s nothing more thrilling than taking the controls of an airplane and flying toward the horizon. And, students like those at Eagle Ridge Academy are prime candidates for pilot training since they’re already exposed to a high level of curriculum. Not only is there no minimum age to sign up (you can start well before a driver’s education program), but you’ll find a lifelong passion that can lead to a rewarding career in the aviation industry and beyond.

If you’re interested in learning what it’s like to be a pilot, try Inflight Pilot Training’s Discovery Flight Program today — you’ll get the chance to fly a plane yourself thousands of feet above the ground while receiving introductory training from a certified flight instructor (CFI).

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