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Fun Activity Ideas for Eagan High School Students

High school students are always searching for new, exciting things to do around their hometown. From summers spent lounging lakeside to after-school hobbies and so much more, there’s no shortage of activities for young people to enjoy in Eagan when they’ve got some extra time on their hands.

With that being said, let’s take a look at some great activity ideas for students attending Eagan High School.

Compile Your To-Do Bucket List

Whether you’re focused on time off in the summer or you’re entering senior year, the first thing you need to do is get together some items you definitely want to accomplish — maybe it’s visiting every local lake, finishing your genius app idea, becoming prom king or queen, or making that first big roadtrip. Whatever your goals, this gives you a chance to prioritize what’s most important to you.

Show Your Love For Animals

There are many fun things to do in Eagan, and for those that love animals, you’ll feel at home with a trip to the Minnesota Zoo. Here, you’ll find almost 500 acres of preserved landscape, featuring animal exhibits of all kinds. If you want to get even more involved, they offer volunteer opportunities throughout the year. If you’d rather take care of an animal from the comfort of your own home, consider signing up for a pet foster program. Local organization Wags and Whiskers will set you up with a dog or cat of your choice and you can find out what it’s like to save a life.

Put Together A Time Capsule

Someday you’ll yearn for your high school days — the best way to capture this moment in your life and preserve it for years to come is by putting together a time capsule of your favorite memories. Drop in some pictures of you and your friends, write a letter to your future self and add your favorite albums, movies, or whatever else it is that’s pertinent to the times. When you’re done, bury it in an accessible spot to dig up and reminisce at a later date.

Keep Your Mind Sharp

We all know the feeling of returning to school after an extended break — it’s tough to remember where you left off sometimes. That’s why learning outside the classroom is so important, regardless of the subject you’re interested in. Thankfully, Eagan is home to many inspiring destinations for curious young people. Spend an afternoon exploring Caponi Art Park, where you’ll be exposed to 60 acres of sculptures; take a trip to the Vikings Museum to learn more about the fascinating history of Minnesota’s football team; or, mix it up and make a trip to the oldest magic shop in the U.S., Eagan’s own Eagle and Magic Store

Use Time Productively

While keeping up with the latest Netflix series is crucial, split some of that time up by taking on a more productive task. Perhaps you’re artistic and need to complete a few more portfolio pieces before applying to art school. Maybe you’re interested in computers and want to build your own PC. You may even want to join the military someday so you’re considering signing up for the Air Force JROTC Program to gain exposure. It doesn’t matter what it involves, simply find something that’s enjoyable and keeps your mind active.

Join An After-School Club

Extracurricular activities look great on a college application and are a great way to socialize with people passionate about the same things you are. There are many great options to join clubs through Eagan High School. Of course, you can apply the same idea outside the school system by joining or starting your own private club. Whether you’re interested in cars, woodworking, video games or computer coding, there’s likely a club for you. If not, gather some friends and start your own group. 

Plan A Road Trip

As a high schooler, you’re probably dreaming of getting out and exploring gorgeous Minnesota without the watchful eye of a teacher, parent or guardian. Our state is home to many great destinations, and luckily, they are very accessible to those living in Eagan. From day trips to St. Cloud to camping destinations up north to tours of luxurious neighborhoods throughout the Twin Cities, the options are endless and provide you with a fun, harmless way to experience uncharted territory.

Take Flying Lessons

Those Eagan Wildcats who are looking for a new activity that’s sure to impress your friends while giving you a rewarding challenge, consider taking flying lessons. There’s no minimum age to start — in fact, you can learn to fly years before you learn how to drive a car. On top of that, a private pilot certification is a great thing to put on college applications and other future career endeavors.  If you’re interested in experience flying first hand, try Inflight Pilot Training’s Discovery Flight Program today — you’ll get the chance to hop in the cockpit and fly a plane yourself, while receiving introductory training from a professional pilot.

Are you ready to take flight?

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