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Fun Activity Ideas for Chaska High School Students

As a high schooler, you’re likely no stranger to the feeling of boredom — whether you’re waiting for class to end or on the tail-end of summer break and running out of items on your bucket list. Fortunately, there are a ton of activities in and around the Chaska area for high school students to participate in. So, never fear. Let’s take a look at some of the top things a Chaska Hawk can participate in to have the best year possible.


Find The Perfect Instagram Backdrop

You could fill up your entire social media feed with a trip to scenic locations around Chaska. Downtown Chaska, for example, has some of the most historic structures in the greater Twin Cities. With nearly 40 protected buildings the area provides a quaint setting to snap some pictures or record your latest TikTok. Plus, you can stop in any number of boutique shopping stores for some retail therapy. Or, find that perfect landscape shot at the Minnesota Valley State Recreation Area, offering picturesque backdrops along the shore of the Minnesota River.

Act In A Play

Chaska has a thriving community arts program through the Chaska Valley Family Theater, which puts on four productions each season. In fact, this organization was founded by a group of former Chaska High School students to provide the area with a family-friendly, high-quality place to watch live performances. They encourage anyone to sign up for auditions, and accept all ages, depending on the script.

Join Or Start A High School Club

Since it isn’t the largest public school in the Twin Cities, the number of Chaska High School clubs may leave something to be desired among you and your fellow Hawks. While there are several options, including academia, theater, music and robotics organizations, you may be interested in something else altogether — and that’s perfectly fine, too. Wherever your passions lie, build your club around that activity and find like-minded people who share your interests.

Get Active

No matter how you enjoy exercising, there are plenty of ways for high schoolers in Chaska to get active. If you like a little leisure with your sports, try a round of golf at Chaska Town Course, which received the Course of the Year reward from Minnesota Golf Association. Another great place to visit is Chaska Community Center, where you’ll find everything you need for a solid, fun workout, including weights, pools, ice skating rink, indoor running track and even racquetball courts.

Enjoy The Wonders Of Nature

Take a trip to the 1,200-acre Minnesota Landscape Arboretum to experience the largest, most diverse horticultural site in Minnesota. It’s also been active since 1958, making it one of the oldest nature sites in the upper midwest. Whether you’re interested in gardening, botany, conservation, or just want to think underneath your favorite kind of tree, you’ll feel right at home at this sprawling facility.

Plan Your First Solo Trip

If you’re approaching college age, it may be a good time to plan a getaway with a group of friends, and leave the teachers, parents or guardians behind. If you can get permission to take off for a short trip, Minnesota is home to many accessible destinations. Rock a quick day trip to scenic Stillwater or St. Cloud, visit a number of affordable campsite destinations on an overnight adventure or check out a variety of ski hills that will give you something to do over winter break. No matter where you go, you’re bound to make a memory as you head out on your first trip.

Become A Pilot

If you’re searching for a hobby that will impress your friends, challenge you in new ways and open up doors for you in the future, consider learning how to fly. You don’t have to be a particular age to take flying lessons — you can start years ahead of learning how to drive — although you’ll need to be 16 to solo and 17 to receive official certification as a private pilot. It’s a worthy accomplishment for any high schooler, and provides opportunities down the road, like achieving a commercial pilot license, applying for new aviation scholarships or pursuing other professions in the industry. If you’re interested in experience flying first hand, try Inflight Pilot Training’s Discovery Flight Program today — you’ll get the chance to hop in the cockpit and fly a plane yourself, while receiving introductory training from a professional pilot while exploring the skies from thousands of feet above.

Get out of the classroom and into the cockpit today

Taking control of an airplane and soaring the skies under the guidance of a professional pilot is an exciting experience and one that’s likely to become a lifelong passion. With our help, you can achieve the certification you want and set yourself up for future success in your education and career endeavors. All it takes to get started is a quick call or email to Inflight Pilot Training to learn more about our curriculum and schedule your first flight lesson.


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