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Dreaming of a New Career Path? Here is How You Know it’s Time to Make a Switch

If you’re searching for a better outlook on life and a way to improve happiness, finding the right job is a crucial step. Imagine being successful and well-paid for doing something that you love. You get out of bed every morning ready to tackle the day, excited to go to work — sounds great, doesn’t it? It may sound crazy right now, but with the right approach, you can achieve happiness in your career in time.  But first, you need to identify whether or not you’re truly ready to move on to something new. If you’re dreaming of a better career path, here are some ways to tell that it’s time to make the switch.

Your Family & Friends Have Noticed a Change

After a long day at work, if your spouse, children or even friends notice that something seems “off” about you — maybe you’re visibly upset, depressed or not interested in social activities, for example — it may be a sign that you should look for a new job. When your professional life starts overtaking your ability to be an active participant in your personal life, you suffer in both areas. There’s strong evidence that a career change can help you overcome depression and get back on track. 

Apathy Has Taken Over

Almost everyone has experienced a sense of apathy at their job every once in a while, and we know that self-motivation plays a large part in success, both in your work and personal life. Whether it’s a needy client, late-afternoon meeting or annoying co-worker, certain things can make us feel like we’re “over” the task at hand, and simply don’t have the motivation to make it to 5:00. But, when that sense of apathy carries over day-to-day, hour-to-hour, you may be unhappy in your job and ready to change positions.

You Work in a Toxic Environment

As pilots, we’re used to employing confidence strategies in our day-to-day work. But, that also makes us keenly aware when a person conflates confidence with arrogance, leading to major problems in the workplace. In that sense, your fellow co-workers can have a huge effect on your everyday well-being when they’re not team players. Toxic workplaces, with a micromanaging boss, gossiping co-workers, and a harmful sense of competition among the team, causes your productivity to suffer. And with lower productivity, you’re much more likely to suffer from a lower level of happiness.

The Organization Has Changed

When you started your current job, you likely felt that the world was full of possibilities. However, the excitement of a new title and sense of responsibility quickly receded once you’ve stayed through enough lineups rotations over the years. If you’ve noticed a difference in the way your office operates, maybe a structural reorganization or new management, a company’s values can change enough until your personal values simply don’t align anymore. If this sounds like your current situation, it may be time to go to work for an organization that you actually believe in. After all, a mismatch in values, particularly between management and employees, will lead to nothing but negativity in the workplace.

You Are Mentally Checked Out

Do you spend more time browsing flight deals and destination trips than spreadsheets and expense reports? If you’re the type who daydreams of escaping to a different type of lifestyle, one filled with adventure and relaxation around every corner, it may be time for a career change. When you’ve mentally checked out, you’re splitting attention away from work and toward something that’s meaningful to you. One reason you may be disconnected from work is that you feel confined. Finding something that’s freeing, like becoming a pilot, a freelance photographer or signing up to be a park ranger, you can finally escape the box you’ve become so resentful of.

You Have Hit a Career-Growth Ceiling

Perhaps you’ve stalled out at mid-management or keep getting passed over for younger recruits. Whatever the reason may be, it’s never enjoyable to hit the growth ceiling in your position. Not only does this affect your current job, but it affects your ability to gain experience for future opportunities. If you feel there isn’t anywhere else for you to go, it may be time to pick up the classifieds, or even consider going back to school. There are many options for refreshing your skills, whether it’s a bachelor’s degree, professional certification or attending another kind of specialty school.

Are you dreaming of a new career and lifestyle?

For those wanting a change, consider signing up for classes at a reputable flight school. As a certified pilot, you’ll be well on your way to a new, exciting lifestyle with plenty of in-demand career opportunitiesReceiving your private pilot certification affords you the freedom to travel where and how you wish, while putting you on the path to achieve further licensing and endorsements. Whether you want to be a corporate pilot, air rescue professional or fly for a major airline, all of it is within your reach with the right training. 


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