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Best Car Clubs in the Twin Cities

Anyone who is an avid car enthusiast has likely had interest in joining a club to celebrate their lifestyle. Car clubs are organizations that bring together groups of people who are interested in everything automotive. Normally, you’ll find car clubs centered around a certain model or type of vehicle, like Corvettes or Ferraris, or a style of driving like competitive racingAt the end of the day, however, car clubs in the Twin Cities come in all shapes and sizes. If you’re looking for an organization to join, keep reading to find some of the best options available near you. 

Minnesota Triumphs Sports Car Club

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This not-for-profit club is dedicated to the preservation and enjoyment of Triumph sports cars. Whether you own a Triumph car or not, you’re invited to join this car club and take part in the recreational and historic aspects of the brand. 

Minnesota Car Enthusiast Club

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The Minnesota Car Enthusiast Club is one of the more popular organizations in the Twin Cities, thanks to their resource-driven approach to membership. They provide educational materials in the form of training, lectures and tools around the maintenance and driving of motor vehicles. With their monthly DIY seminars, enthusiasts who are interested in the more technical aspects of car ownership are sure to have fun with this group.

Classic Car Club of America – Upper Midwest

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Enjoy year-round events, tours, showcases and more through a membership with the Classic Car Club of America (CCCA). Anyone who’s a lover of classic cars will fit right in at this club, where you’ll find a member base who’s passionate about the performance, design and engineering standards of fine, vintage automobiles. 

Minnesota Packards

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Since 1970, the Minnesota Packard Automobile Club has been dedicated to vehicles produced in the golden era of auto engineering, from 1920 to 1956. Beyond cars, they preserve and celebrate ambulances and taxis as well. Plus, you’ll find a busy social calendar, annual technical seminar and members-only classic car resources. In addition, they provide maintenance services for these types of classic automobiles. 

Corvette of Minnesota

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For over six decades, this car club in Minnesota has been the leading organization for Corvette enthusiasts. The only prerequisite for membership is to have an interest in these iconic sports cars. Throughout the year, Corvette of Minnesota hosts rallies, autocrosses and social events. Virtual meetings take place the first Wednesday of every month, and all club members are invited to join.

Nord Stern Porsche Club

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Porsche has a fascinating history, and those that are into this high-end car brand know how well-made these vehicles are. As such, this group celebrates the performance, style and sophistication of Porsche models of all types, vintage and new.

North Star Studebakers

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North Star Studebakers is an organization with over 125 enthusiasts across the states of Minnesota and Wisconsin. Events include informal monthly meetings, car shows, tours and other Studebaker-related activities. Whether your favorite model is a Golden Hawk, Bullet-Nose, C-cab, Avanti, or any of the other great vehicles built in the company’s legendary 144 year history, the North Star Chapter welcomes members of all types.

Roadsters Twin Cities

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The premier roadster club in Minnesota is Roadsters Twin Cities. Located in Minneapolis/St. Paul metro, this iconic club is famously limited to 25 members, all committed to the enjoyment of pre-1949 open cars. Every October, the organization hosts a swap meet, one of the best places to find a variety of cars and parts from this era. Also, they plan several rod runs throughout the year giving members the opportunity to fulfill their motto to “drive ‘em”.

Northstar Camaro Club

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Those that love the look and power of a Camaro should consider joining Northstar Camaro Club. This non-profit organization serves those interested in this specific type of Chevrolet. With an annual car show, several cruises throughout the year and lots of tech sessions, there’s plenty to look forward to. And, with hundreds of cars in the stable, there’s no shortage of idyllic Camaros to drool over.  

Gopher State Buick Club

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Buick enthusiasts unite under the banner of this car club in Minneapolis — the Gopher State Chapter of the Buick Club of America. Founded in the mid-1970s by 20 engineers, preservationists and gearheads, this club has found popularity among those that love the Buick brand. You don’t need to own this brand of car to be a member of this organization, but once you join, you may find it difficult to resist.

Minnesota Street Machine Association

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Minnesota Street Machine Association is a car group geared towards everyone. Not only do they put on car shows, swap meets, and other car-based events, but they also host picnics and social gatherings for people of all ages. Dedicated to a range of cars, you’ll find enthusiasts from the categories of street rods, muscle cars, pick up trucks, motorcycles and much more.

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