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Flight Training at Twin City Barnstormers: What to Expect

Are you interested in learning how to fly? The first step in the process is signing up for lessons at a reputable flight school. Twin City Barnstormers, an organization based out of historic Stanton Airfield and just an hour drive south of Minneapolis/St. Paul, offers one-of-a-kind Loss of Control In-flight (LOC-I) lessons that will make you a more competent aviator.

If you’re considering signing up for flight training classes at this school, here is some essential information you should know — let’s take a look.

About Twin City Barnstormers Flight School

As one of the main risks to general aviation pilots, mastering your reaction to LOC-I is essential in mastering safe flying. At Twin City Barnstormers, you won’t just learn in any-old plane. No, you’ll take the controls of a WWII-era 1941 Boeing Stearman, getting to know more about spin entry, recovery and avoidance. 

Twin City Barnstormers Contact Information

Airport: Stanton Airfield (KSYN)

1235 MN-19, Dennison, MN 55018

(612) 223-5086

Flight Training Programs at Twin Cities Barnstormers

Types of Flight Certifications, Ratings & Endorsements

While this school doesn’t supply specific pilot certifications, you can help prepare for an upcoming CFI certification (spin recovery techniques is a required endorsement for the CFI checkride). Through one of the two flight training packages offered by Twin City Barnstormers, students will participate in some or all of the following:


  • Ground school (Stearman and aerodynamics overview)
  • Multiple spins and recoveries, induced by the instructor/trainee
  • Spins and recovery process via dangerous cross-controlled stalls
  • Recovering through spin onset techniques
  • Learning how to slip safely via forward slipping turns

Cost of Flight Training Packages at Twin City Barnstormers


Flight Training Package Cost Notes
Basic Package $499 Two hours of ground instruction; One hour of bi-plane flight instruction
Muscle Memory Package $1,299 Two hours of ground instruction; three hours of bi-plane flight instruction (covers 2-3 flights total)

Other Flight Training Costs

For students that want to log flight time, Twin City Barnstormers also has a staff of Certified Flight Instructors (CFIs) that will help you understand the controls of a Stearman. Note that this type of flight training does not include take-off or landing instruction.


  • Rent a Stearman warbird for 30 minutes to one hour: Prices start at $269

About the Stearman Bi-Plane

If you’re into famous, vintage airplanes, flying a bi-plane should be on your bucket list. And the Boeing Stearman 75 is a classic model that’s sure to impress any aviation enthusiast. Built in the 1940s as a military trainer for Allied forces during World War II, this rugged plane has become a popular option for vintage airplane collectors and hobbyists. A considerable number of Stearmans remain in flying condition throughout the world as trainers, crop dusters and show planes.

Other Information about this Twin Cities Flight School

The course packages offered by Twin Cities Barnstormers are designed and taught by a Minnesota State University, Mankato instructor. He transformed his lessons from a bachelor’s program into a course that serves more of a general aviation audience.

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