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Flight Training at Stanton Airfield: What to Expect

The Minnesota aviation community is full of high-quality flight schools. You might be struggling to zero in on the ideal team of instructors for your needs as an aspiring pilot. With so many considerations, from certification programs to course duration to various fees and beyond, there’s a lot to think about before signing up for a particular flight school. If you’ve been browsing flight schools in Minnesota, chances are you may have come across Stanton Flight Training, a school in the south-central part of the state. Before you take off on the exciting adventure of becoming a pilot, make sure you have researched all the ins and outs of working with a flight training company, no matter who they are. With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at Stanton Airfield Flight School and what you should expect when you enroll.

About Stanton Airfield Flight School

There are many different types of flight schools out there offering their own specializations. Unlike a traditional full-service flight school, Stanton Airfield specializes in tailwheel airplanes and related endorsements. While they offer private pilot and sport pilot certifications, they’re best-known as one of the leading tailwheel training centers in Minnesota. Stanton Airfield is a fun place to learn because its runways provide a unique learning environment. Not only are they all grass, but their multi-runway setup allows crosswind practice if you wish. This gives students control how comfortable and soft their take-offs and landings are, and is especially useful for training in tailwheel airplanes. 

What are Tailwheel Airplanes?

Tailwheel airplanes are equipped with conventional landing gear, with two main wheels positioned on the front of the aircraft and a single smaller wheel, or “skid”, under its tail. These are popular among airplane enthusiasts of all types, with some models among the most famous aircraft of all time. If you have an interest in vintage airplanes, a ride in a tailwheel airplane should be on your bucket list.

Stanton Flight School Contact Information

Located at Stanton Airfield (KSYN)

1235 Highway 19, Stanton, MN 55018

(507) 645-4030


Stanton Airfield Flight Training Programs

Stanton Airfield’s Flight Training division offers a few different flight training options. For a novice flyer, take a look at the private pilot license (PPL) or sport pilot license option, which gives you the ability to fly light-sport aircraft without the need for an FAA medical certificate. For those looking for tailwheel endorsement, this flight school offers flexible training schedules — sign up for a few hours of instruction or stay for a few months — it’s up to you.

Flight Training Costs at Stanton Airfield

Flight training at Stanton Airfield will cost approximately $10,000 to become certified as a private pilot. This includes ground school and flight time. Prices can fluctuate based on the type of plane you train in and how many hours you go past the minimum 40 hours of training required by the FAA. 

Aircraft & Glider Rental

Renting the right plane can make or break your success as a new pilot. At Stanton Flight Training, you can choose from a selection of small aircraft, including gliders, that range in price from $102 to $123 per flying hour, including fuel. Here are the options available:


  • Cessna 150
  • Cessna 172
  • Piper Sport Cub
  • Piper PA-11
  • Piper PA-12
  • Schweizer 2-32 (glider)
  • Schweizer 1-26 (glider) 

Flight Instructors at Stanton Airfield

At Stanton Airfield, there are three flight instructors on staff. The flight instructors at this school teach basic private pilot courses, as well as more advanced tailwheel flying.

Searching for a reputable, full-service flight school in Minnesota?

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