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Flight Training at Cross Country Soaring: What to Expect

Are you browsing the best flight schools in Minnesota? The first step toward a new, exciting hobby or career is to sign up for lessons with a reputable instructor. Cross Country Training, based out of Faribault, gives you the unique opportunity to learn how to fly glider aircraft. If you’ve always what it’s like to soar thousands of feet above the ground in one of these stick-and-rudder machines, check out this flight training company.

About Cross Country Soaring

Cross Country Flight Training is owned and operated by Don Ingraham, a highly experienced pilot with more than 6,000 hours of glider-flying experience. For two decades, Ingraham has made his way across the U.S. in his gliders, while setting dozens of Minnesota State Soaring Records to boot. He shares that passion for gliding with his students at Cross Country Soaring, offering a many types of certifications, including Private Pilot Glider Licenses, as well as commercial and instructor training options.

Cross Country Soaring Contact Information

Airport location: Faribault Municipal Airport (KFBL)

3140 MN-21, Faribault, MN 55021

(612) 730-3905

Cross Country Flight Training Programs

Cross Country Soaring offers glider training programs for students at every experience level. For those looking for Private Pilot Glider Licenses, there are introductory courses that will get you set up to ascend the skies. Commercial and instructor licenses are also available, as well as an advanced program that includes instruction for cross-country soaring. Finally, there are always openings for experienced pilots who would like to give some longer wings a try.   


Regardless of how skilled you are, Cross Country Soaring provides Instructional programs that consist of carefully assembled study materials, comprehensive ground instruction and safe flying lessons. Glider lessons are great for youth pilots because you can solo at the young age of 14.

Available Flight Certifications, Ratings & Endorsements

  • Private Pilot’s Glider License: Take passengers with this basic license that carries a minimum age of 16 for licensing.
  • Add-on Rating for Powered Pilots: Those already licensed can obtain a private glider rating.

How Much Does Glider Training Cost?

Although costs will vary based on experience, commitment and availability, basic glider training costs at Cross Country Soaring are broken down as follows:


Flight School Item Cost Notes
Books $65 Necessary for lesson plans and test preparation
Ground instruction $60 per hour Approximately five hours are recommended
Glider rental, towing and instruction $4,025 Assuming 35 flights (on average) over the course of training

How Long Does Certification Take?

This will depend on how committed you are. A month is possible with serious effort. Two months is doable if you stay focused. However, the normal student can expect to be gliding solo in about three months.

What Aircraft Will I Train In?

Students learn in one of two Grob 103 Twin II glider aircraft. They’re also available for rental and guided tours over the scenic south-central Minnesota.

Other Information About this Faribault Flight School

Cross Country Soaring only operates from April through October, so no training options are available in the winter months.

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