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Flight Training at Aloft Aviation: What to Expect

Are you searching for a new hobby or career to sink your efforts into? Then learning to fly may be a worthwhile endeavor. If you’re thinking about heading down this challenging yet rewarding new path, the first thing you need to do is find a reputable flight school. There are dozens of flight schools in Minnesota that cater to aviation enthusiasts of all types. One such school is Aloft Aviation based out of the Twin Cities.  Let’s take a deeper dive into this organization to learn more about its flight training programs and whether or not they’d make a good fit for you.

About Aloft Aviation 

Located at Airlake Airport in Lakeville, one of the top reliever airports in Minneapolis, Aloft Aviation is a new flight school to the area, founded in May of 2020. They are currently growing their fleet of airplanes, recently adding a twin-engine Grumman to their line-up. Whether you’re looking for a Private Pilot License (PPL) or something that requires more experience, this small startup flight school can help put you on the right path. One of the unique things about Aloft Aviation is that their instructors come from a variety of backgrounds — from the military and airline industries to the corporate aviation and training sectors. The goal of this flight school is to provide a mix of traditional curriculum and real-world knowledge in order to craft competent, professional pilots.

Aloft Aviation Contact Information

Located in Airlake Airport

22100 Hamburg Ave 

Lakeville, MN 55044

(952) 469-4414

Aloft Aviation Flight Training Programs

There are many flight training programs available through Aloft Aviation, from private to commercial to instrument certifications and more. This school offers Part 61 flight training services and is in the process of becoming 141 Certified Flight School to accept GI BILL students. 

Available Flight Certifications, Ratings & Endorsements

  • Private Pilot
  • Instrument Pilot
  • Commercial Pilot
  • Certified Flight Instructor (CFI)
  • Tailwheel Endorsement

Flight Training Costs at Aloft Aviation

Costs for flight instructors at Aloft Aviation are by the hour. Pricing breakdowns can be found below. Keep scrolling to find more information about plane rental prices.


Flight School Item Cost Training Type
Primary Flight Instruction $65 per hour Private Pilot Training, Checkout, Flight Review
Advanced Flight Instruction $75.00 per hour Instrument Rating, Commercial Single Engine, Tailwheel Instruction, Instrument Proficiency Check
Multi-Engine Flight Instruction  $80.00 per hour Private Multi, Commercial Multi, and MEI Training

What Aircraft Will I Train In?

There are a variety of aircraft in the Aloft Aviation fleet, offering a mix of single- and twin-engine options, including vintage Pipers and Cessnas:


Aircraft Model Price
Cessna 172 N9880Q (1975) $155 per hour
Cessna 172 N75972 (1976) $155 per hour
Piper Warrior PA-28 N47656 (1977) $155 per hour
Grumman Cougar N704GA (multi-engine) $295 per hour

Other Information About this Lakeville Flight School

Beyond flying lessons, Aloft Aviation also offers flight reviews for certified pilots to renew their airworthiness. These checks need to take place every 24 months, or two years. Occasional training with a CFI is always a good idea, allowing you to brush up on flight procedures and maneuvers that you wouldn’t get otherwise.

Are you searching for full-service flight training in Minnesota? Get in touch with Inflight Pilot Training today if you’ve always wanted to fly an aircraft. We’re the top flight school in the Twin Cities metro and will help you achieve your goal of soaring the skies, just as we’ve done for countless others across Minnesota. If you’re searching for private pilot certification, commercial ratings or something else altogether, we have the skill to provide you with the proper training. Plus, our modern fleet of aircraft are as well-maintained as they are fun to fly. Let our diverse team of CFIs elevate your flying experience.

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