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Flight Training at Air Trek North: What to Expect

If you’re in search of great flight schools in Minnesota, there are plenty of reputable options to pick from. One of those is Air Trek North, who as an organization, strives to provide the right blend of motivation, equipment, and instruction for aspiring pilots. Let’s take a closer look at this company to see what it’s like to attend their flight training school in St. Paul.

About Air Trek North 

Air Trek North takes a ground-up approach to flight training. Starting with a well-planned flight instruction schedule, students will work quickly, safely and effectively under the guidance of this organization. Over the years, Air Trek North has gained a reputation for its commercial pilot training services, with many graduates landing jobs at both international and regional airports throughout the U.S. And, you don’t have to worry about the quality of instruction as several flight instructors at Air Trek North have been given the Gold Seal by the FAA, meaning they’ve achieved high pass rates for their students. 

Air Trek North Contact Information

Located in South St. Paul Municipal Airport / Fleming Field (KSGS)

1620 Henry Ave, South Saint Paul MN. 55075

(952) 594-1184

Air Trek North Flight Training Programs

There are several flight training programs available through Air Trek North. In addition to the main certifications they offer, they also offer accelerated programs that allow you to obtain your PPL in a few weeks and other ratings in just a few days. 

Available Flight Certifications, Ratings & Endorsements

  • Private Pilot
  • Airline Transport Pilot
  • Multi-Engine Rating
  • Seaplane Training
  • Rotorcraft to Fixed Wing Training

Accelerated Flight Training Programs:

  • Private Pilot
  • Instrument Pilot
  • Commercial Pilot
  • Multi-Engine
  • Certified Flight Instructor (CFI)
  • Certified Flight Instructor Instrument (CFII)
  • Multi-Engine Instructor (MEI)

How Much Is Flight Training at Air Trek North?

The total costs for flight training at Air Trek North will vary depending on your certification and level of experience. For example, to reach the FAA minimum of 40 hours flight time and 20 hours of instruction for a Private Pilot License (PPL), you can expect to pay approximately $5,000 – $10,000. Training costs are broken down below:


Flight School Item Cost Notes
Plane Rental $90 – $340 per hour Several models of planes available for rent — more on plane rental below
Private Instruction $70 per hour PPL curriculum
Advanced Instruction $85 per hour Instrument, instructor and commercial ratings
Chief Flight Instructor $110 per hour Highest-quality training available

Is Financial Assistance Available?

Air Trek North partners with third-party organizations to provide flight training loans, Discover

AOPA, and ​Wells Fargo.

What Aircraft Will I Train In?

Air Trek North supplies a fleet of trainer aircraft for students, from basic to more advanced:


Aircraft Model Rental Price
Cessna 150 $90 per hour
Cessna 172 (9GG, 23D) $155 per hour
Cessna 172 Amphibian $270 per hour
Pipers – Warrior, 180, Archer and PA28-140 $125 per hour
Piper Arrow $165 per hour
Baron A55 $340 per hour


Other Information About this Flight School in St. Paul

This flight school also has a maintenance division that operates out of both Fleming Field in St. Paul and Airlake Airport (KLVN) in Lakeville, MN. They provide services for light single- and twin-engine aircraft.

Are you searching for an experienced flight training team in Minnesota?

Get in touch with Inflight Pilot Training today if you’ve always wanted to fly an aircraft. We’re the top flight school in the Twin Cities metro and will help you achieve your goal of soaring the skies, just as we’ve done for countless others across Minnesota. Regardless of the type of certification you’re looking for, our team of CFIs tailor their training programs to each individual student’s learning style. From accelerated private pilot lessons to comprehensive commercial training to other impressive endorsements, as well as plane rental and maintenance, we have the capabilities to get you off the ground. 

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