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Flight Training at 360 Aviation: What to Expect

Do you want to learn how to fly? Signing up for lessons at a reputable flight school is the first step. One such organization, 360 Aviation, offers a number of pilot training programs out of Albert Lea Municipal Airport. It’s a popular option for students looking for a future in the aviation industry as a hobby or career. But, before you sign up for lessons, it’s important to understand the background of what goes into their flight training process — from instructor fees to plane availability to certificate types.

With that in mind, let’s explore more about 360 Aviation and what it’s like to attend this flight school.

About 360 Aviation Flight School

The main goal of 360 Aviation flight programs is to give students more options for career advancement. For those students that wish to work in the field of aviation, they will be given experiential instruction in a professional environment. With a team of experienced certified flight instructors (CFIs), they are known to provide lessons from a practical point of view. 

360 Aviation Flight School Contact Information

Airport: Albert Lea Municipal Airport (KAEL)

402 Airport Rd

Albert Lea, MN 56007, USA

(507) 383-7434

Flight Training Programs at 360 Aviation

360 Aviation offers a number of training programs, for new to experienced pilots. Not only do they offer the main FAA pilot certifications, but this flight school specializes in drone training services, as well. Take a look at some of the options below:

Types of Flight Certifications, Ratings & Endorsements

  • Private Pilot
  • Instrument Rating
  • Commercial Rating
  • Multi-Engine Add-On
  • Certified Flight Instructor (CFI)
  • Airline Transport Pilot (ATP)
  • Part 107 – Drone Operation

Costs of this Flight School

At 360 Aviation, students can choose between two main payment options. First, the “full course fee” allows you to undergo all necessary training for certification. The second is a “daily fee” that can be arranged depending on your budget. 


Flight School Item Cost Notes
Full “Course” Fee $7,499 Costs of flight instruction and ground instruction
Aircraft Rental $135/hour 40 hours minimum (normally 45-50). Includes fuel, oil and insurance.
Written ASA Test Prep $200 Other tests are available 
Written Test $150 Available at Austin or Mankato Airports
Flight School Supplies $250 Fees vary
FAA Checkride $650 Fees vary


Financing Available?

360 Aviation does not offer financial support on their own, however you can find pilot license loans through third-party organizations like AOPA or Pilot Finance.

Private Pilot Certification Timeline

For those interested in becoming a certified private pilot, 360 Aviation offers both regular and accelerated flight training programs. The latter is a popular option that will have you ready for your checkride in just 21 days or three weeks. You work with a CFI, experiencing flight on your very first day.  You’ll need, on average, 50 hours of time in the airplane before the necessary private pilot tests and checkride.

Other Information about this Flight School in Albert Lea

There are four total flight instructors at 360 Aviation in Albert Lea, MN. Both ground school and flying lessons are done out of Albert Lea Municipal Airport. If you’ve already started the training process, 360 Aviation also offers customized coursework that can be paid by the day.

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