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Fun date night ideas in the Twin Cities – Covid Edition

Valentine’s Day is inching closer, and as we continue to slug along through the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, you may be trying to think up creative ways to entertain your significant other while staying safe.  So, whether you’re getting ready for Cupid to arrive or are planning for some other special occasion, here are a few fun date night ideas in the Twin Cities that are both fun and safe.

Start Virtually

If you’re not currently in a relationship, meeting virtually for a first date, or “pre-first date” can be a good way to judge whether there’s enough chemistry to make it worth meeting up in person. Plus, you can discuss how they’ve been staying safe throughout the pandemic, giving you more peace of mind with a face-to-face date. 

Other Virtual Date Ideas

While we’re on the topic, there are a ton of virtual entertainment options that you can do either together or separately via the internet. The Twin Cities have outstanding virtual tours through a variety of organizations. For example, you can tour the award-winning Minneapolis Institute of Art, explore significant local landmarks through the Minnesota Historical Society, or participate in a variety of activities through the Science Museum of MN. Take a look at a number of other virtual date options via this resource.

At Home Wine-Tasting

Although in years past, you could visit a fancy restaurant, winery or tasting room, you might not have that luxury this year. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t recreate some of those upscale experiences from the comfort of your own home. In fact, crafting your own experience may even make the occasion that much more memorable. There are a lot of options out there for virtual wine tastings, where you can purchase recommended bottles and follow along with the guide online. Or, try doing some research on the topic and create your own taste test. 

Try Your Hand at Cooking

Even if you have no experience, there are a number of resources out there that can help aspiring chefs along. Minneapolis-based Cooks of Crocus Hill, for example, hosts date night cooking classes throughout the year, like their upcoming At Home Pizza Date Night. Otherwise, there are huge curated resources full of easy date-night cooking ideas, like this recipe list from Delish. 

Make it a Take-Out Dinner Date

Even though COVID-19 has shut down a lot of in-person dining throughout the Twin Cities, a large majority of restaurants are still offering take-out options. This is ideal for those still looking for restaurant-quality cuisine without the hassle of cooking. Plus, you get to help a local business out that may be struggling due to the pandemic. Take a look at this interactive map for a full list of take-out options in the Twin Cities and leave your date with a better impression — don’t forget the wine!

Rent a Movie Theater

Host a private screening at one of the many movie theaters throughout Twin Cities that offer venue rentals. Local options Mann Theaters and the Parkway offer more unique cinema accommodations, while larger chains like AMC offer packages starting at $99 for classic screenings and $149 for new releases. If you can swing it, it’d be an impressive option for you and a date, or just as fun with a group of people who’ve also tested negative for coronavirus.

Hit the Slopes

Minnesotans are no strangers to snowy weather — most of us actually enjoy it, thanks to the accompanying winter recreation. Skiing is always a fun way to bond with your partner, and being outside with facemasks on will ensure you stay safe from germs. Buck Hill and Hyland Hills in Minneapolis are convenient options for beginners, while Afton Alps outside of St. Paul suits those with more experience. There are a number of other options throughout the state as well, check out our guide to the best skiing and snowboarding mountains in Minnesota.

Take a Discovery Flight

To elevate your love into the stratosphere, take to the skies with that special someone on a Discovery Flight. This one-hour introductory flight lesson lets you and your partner take the controls of an airplane in a clean, safe way. This is a date you won’t forget, looking out over a breathtaking aerial view, thousands of feet off the ground. Take a look at our Discovery Flight option here, and prepare to make a memory.

Other Fun Socially Distanced Date Ideas

Hit the Trails

If you want to get outside, the trail systems throughout the Twin Cities are as scenic as they are accessible. For a romantic experience, check out Minnehaha Falls and enjoy each other’s company among one of the area’s most picturesque backdrops. Or, try your hand at one of the many great, local cross-country skiing courses.

Take a Walk

Another outdoor-friendly option is to pick one of the many romantic spots throughout Minneapolis/St. Paul, and set out for a walk. We recommend a peaceful stroll along the Stone Arch Bridge in Downtown Minneapolis, where there’s no motor traffic and great views of the skyline.

Bond Over a Project

If you’re looking for a way to bond over an engaging activity, why not try your hand at arts and crafts? Check out this unique paint-by-numbers class, or try a more hands-on option through Northern Clay Center and tackle a new challenge, together.

Take a Dance Class

If you’ve never been rhythmically gifted, now is a great time to change that with the help of your partner. There are at least two organizations offering virtual dance classes in the Twin Cities, Zenon Dance and The Cowles Center, with the latter offering YouTube classes that teach dance styles like creative movement, Haitian, jazz and more.

Have a Fun, Safe Date Night

Whether you’re getting ready to enjoy Valentine’s day or another romantic celebration, stay safe while having fun with one of the several ideas above. Get creative and you’ll be that much more likely to make a great impression — best of luck!