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Featured Alumni: Kayla

Plane Will I Fly On A Discovery Flight

I’m Kayla – and you may recognize me as one of your Pilot Advisors at Inflight! I grew up in Eden Prairie – I played soccer at Flying Cloud, I learned how to drive a car at the Grace Church parking lot – the one right off of Runway 10L. My father-in-law lives right on […]

Featured Alumni: Jason

Private Pilot License

For as long as myself Jason can remember, I’ve always wished to fly.  It had been a dream of my childhood and I looked up to my uncle, at the time a 757 Captain for Northwest Airlines.  In High School, I knew I would find a way into becoming an aviator and I investigated several […]

Featured Alumni: Peter Santovi

Featured Alumni: Peter Santovi

Peter Santovi , a husband and a father of three kids. My wife and I have been married for 14 years and enjoy the outdoors and attending loud concerts. Our three kids are 13, 12, and 10 years old and they love adventure. As a family, we enjoy road trips the most. Previously, my only […]

Why buy a Cirrus SR22?

Cirrus SR22: Why buy one?

The SR22 is one of the most popular small planes in history. And, if you’re new to the world of aviation, then you will eventually, undoubtedly come across the Cirrus name, an industry-leading aircraft designer and manufacturer. More so than its smaller counterpart, the Cirrus SR20, this plane offers superior performance, reliability and safety compared […]

Travel tips for Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport

/St. Paul International Airport

Looking for Travel tips for Minneapolis St. Paul International Airport? While there are a number of fantastic airports around the Twin Cities, the crown jewel is MSP. Here are a few travel tips for the Minneapolis St. Paul International Airport. If you’re making plans to travel to or from one of the most popular airports […]