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Best Social Distanced Hobbies for 2021

Best Social Distanced Hobbies for 2021

Although the world has transformed in so many ways throughout the past year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s important to keep yourself happy and healthy as Best Social Distanced Hobbies for 2021 you can. And, if you happen to have some extra time on your hands — whether because you’re working from home, have reduced hours or your business has been deemed non-essential — it frees up plenty of time for you to take on your next big challenge. 

To return to some semblance of normalcy, here are some of the Best Social Distanced Hobbies for 2021 you can tackle this year, while staying at a safe distance from others.

Learn an Instrument

While you might have plenty of time available to lounge on the couch, turn off Netflix and reach instead for a guitar, harmonica, clarinet, or other instrument. Find highly recommended virtual courses through companies like School of Rock, watch countless YouTube tutorials or order some instructional books online. Not only will it give you something to sink your time into, playing an instrument is connected to enhanced emotional well-being, brain health, cognition, and other health benefits, according to a study conducted by University of California, San Francisco.

Organize Your Photo Albums

If you’ve gotten through the COVID-19 pandemic relatively unscathed, consider yourself lucky. With such dire numbers, it’s a good reminder to preserve the important things in life. Rummage through your old boxes of photos, reboot your old smartphones and other digital cameras to compile memories for you and your family to enjoy for years to come. You’ll appreciate having your memories organized.

Reconnect With Nature

Throughout the country, there are recreational opportunities to get outside around every corner. If you’re trying to put some more distance between you and others, camping, hiking, fishing, hunting and other activities present the perfect chance to do so. Check out the countless acres under the Bureau of Land Management, available for camping under the stars at dispersed campsites. Free camping is also allowed in U.S. national forests, unless noted otherwise. 

Nurture a Green Thumb

Learning to garden is another great way to connect with nature and you don’t even have to leave your yard. Not only can you master the art of growing plants, you can try your hand at growing food, and you can cut down trips to the grocery store! Even if you don’t have a yard or much space to create a green space, you can try container gardening in pots with some annual blooms to brighten up your space, or try out some vegetables like tomatoes or peppers. 

Fix Up a Classic

With more time on your hands, you can finally get to work fixing up that classic car, motorcycle or other restoration project you’ve been putting off. And, thanks to the Internet, all of your parts are going to be found online, so no risky trips to the mechanic’s shop. 

Become a Master Chef

If you’re an adult who’s never gotten past grilled cheese, boiled pasta and box dinners, then maybe it’s time to upgrade your skills in the kitchen. Even though our social lives have been relinquished from the in-person meetings to video conferencing, it’s actually a great time to learn to cook. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, a litany of international chefs have taken to Zoom to help the amateur chef sharpen their skills. You can find online classes in every range of difficulty, free and paid options, and other offerings to help you learn the art of cuisine.

Join a Fantasy Sports League

Even though COVID-19 has interrupted a lot of things in our life that we love, thankfully sports have been able to manage to stay on the air, with (relatively) little interruption. Whether you love baseball, basketball or football, there are plenty of fantasy programs — some of the more popular include FanDuel and DraftKings, where you can play different styles of games versus competitors, including your friends.

Brew Your Own Beer or Wine

There’s nothing that helps you cope quite like a stiff drink, and in 2021 it may be an essential way to unwind after a day of working at home. Once you acquire the necessary gear, brewing your own beer or wine is not a very difficult process, and since it takes a while, you may have a great drink to celebrate with once we’ve gotten past the peak. For a quality beer brewing program, check out virtual options at Home Brew Academy and for wine, check out Napa Valley Wine School which offers both formal and informal options. 

Learn to Fly

Learning to fly may bring back a much-needed sense of freedom after being quarantined in our homes for so long. After all, there’s nothing that feels freer than soaring through the sky. A lot of classroom work and tests can also be completed virtually, meaning you don’t have to assemble in a large in-person group.  Flight schools are taking extra precautions in order to keep students safe, with consistent testing and health checks for flight instructors when flying lessons are taking place. And, once you graduate, there’s nothing that’s more socially distanced than flying solo 10,000 feet in the air.

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