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Best Fun things to do in Woodland, MN

Best Fun things to do in Woodland, MN was Located on the lake shores of Minnetonka, the small, affluent suburb of Woodland is home to some of the top neighborhoods in the western suburbs, and is well-known as an upscale place to live and visit. Although it’s so close to the metropolitan area, the natural backdrop of this small community makes you think that you’re miles away from the city. If you’re considering a trip to Woodland, here are some of the top sights to see.

About Woodland, MN

The history of Woodland is closely related to Minnetonka and other neighboring suburbs like Deephaven and Wayzata. First settled in 1857, Woodland was originally within the boundaries of Minnetonka Township. The land wouldn’t be developed in any meaningful capacity until the 1890s, when a Methodist summer retreat campground set up shop on the lake shore. One of the town’s first communities, Groveland Assembly operated from 1902 to 1941, building 70 lots for cottages and camping, along with a main assembly hall. It enjoyed almost 40 years as a popular residential neighborhood and tourist destination, until in 1953, when rules were lifted and new non-Methodist residents were allowed to lease land. It would take another thirty years to open lease purchases to people outside of the church. With this and developments in other pockets around town, Woodland took its place as a luxury destination to live and visit, and was officially incorporated in 1948. Over half of the residential properties in town have access to Lake Minnetonka and occupy large plots of land, many times over two acres. Plus, with the town’s forest conservation efforts, many of the trees are more lush and attractive than other Minneapolis suburbs. Today, the town of Woodland retains a rich history in the form of many historic areas and buildings, and a love of nature among its citizens who have a desire to preserve the lakeside area for generations to come.

Fun things to do in Woodland, MN

Woodland is well-known for its stunning neighborhoods, lake access and outstanding dining and entertainment options, among other things – take a look at some of the best options below:

Restaurants in Woodland

  • Snuffy’s Malt Shop: A longstanding area favorite with retro flair, burger baskets and milkshakes.
  • Spasso: Kick it up a notch at this modern bar and eatery offering wood-fired pizza, steaks and Italian cuisine, plus a long wine list.
  • Beanhaven Café: For your morning pick me up and a hearty meal, check out this local spot offering breakfast specialties, soups and sandwiches.
  • Kai’s Sushi & Grill Minnetonka: Find Japanese favorites and other Asian-inspired dishes.

Public Parks in Woodland

  • Grey’s Bay Causeway Park: This extended causeway and public park offers a shady pavilion, boat docks and a great view looking out across both Grey’s Bay to the East and Wayzata Bay to the west.
  • Libbs Lake Beach Park: Get away from the traffic on Lake Minnetonka at this secluded beach, where you can also try your hand at kayaking or fishing.
  • Bennett Family Park: Catch a ball game at one of the several baseball fields or bring the little ones along for a romp on the playground.

Other Fun Things to do in Woodland

  • EverGreene Jewelers: Find the perfect ring, bracelet, pendant, earrings and other high-end jewelry for that special someone (or yourself!)
  • Northome Stone Arch: Learn a little bit about local history and see evidence of Woodland’s famous historic estates. Built in 1906 by stonemason Florian Huber, the original double arch was the entrance to the “Cedarhurst” and “Pinecrest” estates.
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