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Best Fun things to do in St. Michael, MN

Best Fun things to do in St. Michael, MN.  St. Michael was Located in the outer ring of Minneapolis and next door to the popular suburb, Rogers, the town is for St. Michael offers plenty to do for the everyday visitor. Whether you’re looking for excellent dining, recreation, entertainment or other fun activities, you’ll find it in this medium-sized northwestern suburb. Let’s take a deeper look at why making a trip to St. Michael is worth it.


Although a post office has been in St. Michael since 1858, the town itself wasn’t incorporated until 1890. During that time, a small community formed based around the implementation of St. Michael Catholic Church. With a name that derived from the church itself, the locale developed and still maintains a strong religious background. Of course, it wasn’t all seriousness in the early years — the Corner Bar, established in 1857 was a longstanding establishment that was open until January of 2020, and was well-known among generations of St. Michael residents. As the turn of the century came and went, new churches and schools were established to serve a growing community well into the 1940s. Soon thereafter, the implementation of three new major interstates and highways, I-94 and highways 52 and 241, opened up St. Michael to an entirely new audience, and the population boomed. Today, St. Michael has grown immensely, with approximately 20,000 residents, while also remaining a popular spot for visitors because of its laid-back vibe and historic charm.

Best Fun things to do

There are things to do all around St. Michael, MN if you’re willing to look – check out some of the following recommendations for a day of fun:

Eateries and Bars in St. Michael

  • Main Street Farmer Eatery: Eat fresh, eat local at this hip spot serving farm-to-table new American cuisine.
  • Liberty Restaurant & Bar: Relax at this American Legion post, offering homestyle American dishes, a full bar, bar games and gambling.
  • Family Buffet: Get your fill at this all-you-can-eat Asian-style buffet, plus lunch specials and by-the-item options, all in an airy setting.
  • BK Tap Haus: A modern German-inspired taphouse that also serves fried specialties with American-based options.


Parks & Recreation in St. Michael

  • Crow-Hassan Park Reserve: For an enjoyable outing, head to this natural area along the river, offering scenic trails, wildlife viewing, off-leash dog park, horseback riding and winter sports across 2,600 acres. Spend the night at Bluestem Group Campsite and reconnect with nature.
  • St. Michael Veterans Memorial: Located at the fork of highway 241, this moving memorial is a tribute to the troops and host to an annual color guard march.

Entertainment & Best Fun things to do in St. Michael

  • St. Michael Cinema: Escape the big-brand theaters and enjoy your time at this unique, Parisian-inspired cinema featuring a 70-foot screen, cocktail bar and concession stand.
  • Tour St. Michael Catholic Church: Not only was the original building instrumental in the local culture’s history, the church is a work of art itself and makes for a fascinating visit.
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