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Best Fun things to do in Rockford, MN

Best Fun things to do in Rockford is situated in the scenic northern suburbs of Minneapolis, and although it isn’t the most bustling town in Minnesota, it has its own unique sense of allure. If you’re looking for a fun outing, there are plenty of reasons why you may want to consider a trip to Rockford — let’s take a deeper look at this quaint suburb.

About Rockford, MN

The foundation of Rockford as we know it today begins in 1855, with the construction of a road running between the town and Minneapolis. This opened the town to new settlers, who were looking for opportunities to acquire land recently opened through the Louisiana Purchase and several Native American treaties. Named after a rocky crossing on the nearby Crow River, the town’s borders were officially mapped out in 1857. Early years were defined by the untamed land of the Big Woods that was difficult to clear, susceptible to attacks by indigenous people and bug infestations. However, the local population pushed through everything that nature threw at them. Enough so that they were able to construct a post office, railroad, and saw, woolen and flour mills. Rockford was formally incorporated in October of 1881, and its citizens formed a local government. Over nearly 100 years, the suburb remained a close-knit community, until it officially became a city in the 1970s. Today, Rockford retains its small-town mentality, with a population of just under 5,000. But, that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of unique places to explore among the surrounding natural wonderland and active downtown.

Fun things to do in Rockford, MN

With a ton of excellent restaurants, recreational areas and other activities around town, there are things to do throughout Rockford. Just look to any of the recommendations below:

Restaurants in Rockford

  • Enjoy a fantastic, home-cooked meal at The Brothers Eatery, serving up classic American breakfasts, hot coffee and so much more. 
  • For classic sandwiches, soups and other lunch fare, head to Greenrock Deli, where customers rave above the hot ham and cheese and Minnesota-made wild rice soup.
  • Find fresh Mexican cuisine and all your favorites at El Bamba, specializing in shrimp tacos and chimichangas.

Parks in Rockford

  • There are five outstanding parks in Rockford, offering amenities from football fields to hockey rinks to jungle gyms and everything else under the sun. In order, the most popular are Riverside Park, Mutterer Park, Kettenacker Park, Winfield Ponds Park and Parkwood Park.
  • Launch your boat at Crow River Canoe Launch and spend a day paddling the town’s biggest river and best natural feature, with one of the more scenic stretches running from Watertown to Rockford.

Other Things to do in Rockford

  • Built in 1856, the Ames/Florida House is an interconnected complex composed of a house, summer kitchen and barn. Take a tour of the grounds and spend a few hours exploring the uniqueness of this estate along Crow River.
  • Buffalo Rock Winery: One of Minnesota’s only woman-owned wineries is located between Buffalo and Rockford. Enjoy a drink, go on a guided tour and take some bottles home for your own pleasure.
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