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Best Fun things to do in Hastings, MN

Situated along the west side of the Mighty Mississippi, Best Fun things to do in Hastings is one Minnesota’s most charming, attractive river towns. Plus, with great access to many private airports, like Skymeadow and Sandy Flats, you may find yourself touching down here if you’re a certified pilot. So, let’s take a look at a few ways you can enjoy your time in Hastings, no matter why you’re in town. 

About Hastings

Because of its strategic placement along the Mississippi River, allowing access to and from Fort Snelling in Bloomington, the history of Hastings is deeply rooted in the military efforts of the early 1800s. In the winter of 1820, the area was first settled by soldiers blocking a shipment of supplies, bringing a small but seasoned population to the area. After the U.S. Government and local Native Americans entered into a treaty in 1851, the land was officially opened for white settlement. Since the area already had a bustling citizenry, the town was officially declared the county seat of Dakota County. Hastings also became an important railroad town, with the construction of the Stillwater & Hastings line in the 1880s. Connecting both cities and running through Minneapolis/St. Paul, it became instrumental in expanding access to the area and helped open the Hastings Rail Bridge. The town grew throughout much of the 20th century, thanks to its riverside location. For instance, the Army Corps of Engineers implemented a lock and dam system and the first commercial, federally licensed hydrokinetic power facility. Beyond this, however, Hastings was becoming a fantastic place to live in many other ways. The community invested in amenities such as a library, medical center, opera house, public park system, churches and schools. Today, the town of Hastings remains a popular destination to both live and visit, thanks to its gorgeous natural setting and access to many wonderful things to do — from dining, entertainment, recreation and more.

Fun things to do in Hastings

Whether you live here or are just passing through, there are things to do throughout the suburb of Hastings, MN. Take a look at some of the following recommendations:

Parks in Hastings

  • Hastings Golf Club: Enjoy one of the best semi-private golf clubs in Minnesota at this 18-hole championship course, as well as a full service bar, restaurant, and 250-person event facility known as Hastings Public House.
  • Lake Rebecca Park: Explore the Mississippi River up close and personal, while enjoying a walk around the expansive park, fishing for catfish or launching a boat for a day of water-filled fun.
  • Vermillion Falls Park: This scenic stop includes a large waterfall along the Vermillion River in one of the oldest parts of Hastings.

Restaurants in Hastings

  • The Onion Grille: Find classic comfort food and creative cocktails in a historic setting, complete with a circling model train.
  • The Busted Nut: Fall in love with a unique burger creation, or try a no-frills wrap in this laid-back country-time spot. 
  • Bierstube: A local, longstanding German-inspired spot serving bar food, steaks and heavy beers in a casual pub environment.

Other Fun Things to do in Hastings

  • Extreme Sandbox: Test your physical capabilities and use your wits at this unique amusement center that was seen on Shark Tank in 2016. Today, you can visit this location in Hastings, along with others opening up throughout the country, where you get to play with heavy machinery, run an obstacle course or participate in other group activities.
  • LeDuc Historic Estate: History buffs will love all of the fascinating local insights from this Civil War–era Gothic Revival home.
  • Discovery Flight: Team up with Inflight Pilot Training, the top flight instructors in Hastings, and explore the skies. Aspiring pilots get the opportunity to take control of an airplane, under the direction of a professional, and learn what it’s like to be a certified pilot.


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