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Best Fun things to do in Elko New Market, MN

Quaint, laid-back and naturally stunning, Elko New Market is a wonderful place to spend a few hours if you’re landing at nearby Airlake Airport. Let’s take a look at some of the best things to do in around this Minneapolis suburb — here we go!

About Elko New Market

At the halfway point between Faribault and Minneapolis is Elko New Market. The city gets its name from two former towns, Elko and New Market, each of which has their own unique story. New Market was first known as Jackson, and attracted an array of German and Prussian settlers who centered their culture around the German Catholic Church. By the time it was incorporated in 1895, the town included just over 300 acres of land and a downtown consisting of six city blocks. Through the turn of the century, New Market was a thriving, industrious town with a public school, post office, hotel and grain elevator.  Neighboring Elko, on the other hand, grew around the Chicago-St. Paul Railroad stop that also serviced New Market. Much of the population was made up of Scandinavian Lutherans versus German Catholic. While it had its own public school, it eventually merged with nearby Lakeville’s system. It wasn’t until 1949 that Elko was officially incorporated. By the 1960s, the construction of major interstates reached the rural southern suburbs of Minneapolis/St. Paul. With the development of I-35, both New Market and Elko became more accessible than ever. Housing construction boomed and several new businesses set up shop in both of the towns to serve traffic flowing north-south. In 2007, the cities of Elko and New Market officially merged in both boundary and name. Since its founding, Elko New Market has grown to become a great place to both live and visit, thanks to its many amenities — from stunning parks and recreation areas to excellent restaurant and entertainment options.

Fun things to do in Elko New Market

If you’re making the trip to Vadnais Heights, here are some of the most popular things to experience — take a look below:

Bars and Eateries in Elko New Market

  • Enjoy cheap drinks and bar food, friendly service, live entertainment and great prices at The Doublewide.
  • Firefly Coffee Company supplies the caffeine fix you need to get through your day. Don’t forget to grab a bag of fresh beans to go.
  • There’s no fakery at Leo’s Bar, a down-to-earth hangout offering beer and bar pizza along with a relaxed outdoor area.

Recreational Areas in Elko New Market

More Activities in Elko New Market

  • Opened in 1964 and still drawing crowds today, The Elko Speedway is one of the most popular NASCAR-sanctioned race tracks in Minnesota. There’s also a drive-in theater that puts showings on after final race events at the Speedway.
  • Find unique vintage items and a variety of antique collectibles at Trader’s Market. With flea market vibes, you’re sure to find something special.
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