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Best Fun things to do in Cologne, MN

Situated about 30 miles away from downtown Minneapolis, the town of Fun things to do in Cologne is an attractive place to both live and visit. With its low population and location among the gorgeous backdrop of south-central Minnesota, there are a ton of reasons why you may want to check out this suburb. If you’re thinking about updating your flight plan over this popular, fast-growing suburb, here are some of the things that you should explore.

About Cologne, MN

The Cologne of today was founded out of two villages, the other known as Benton. Both incorporated in 1881, the towns flourished in the agriculture and milling industries for nearly a decade, until the towns “unofficially” merged in 1891 for economic reasons. Although they would operate in a separate capacity until Benton was annexed in the 1970s, the towns were closely intertwined. The early years of Cologne are still felt today in the still-standing buildings from the 1800s that are now listed on the National Register of Historic Places, including the Paul Mohrbacher House (1880) Philip Guettler House (1902) John Knotz House (1905). Main street was also rapidly growing at this point in time, and included multiple general shops, saloons, a hardware store, pharmacy, furniture store and blacksmith. A walk through downtown Cologne is like taking a step back in time. Similar to other outer-tier suburbs, such as Waconia and Jordan, the population of Cologne increased dramatically when the first railroad was constructed in 1872. With this, it opened up access of area land to new business and residents. Residents stuck to their roots throughout the majority of the 20th century until Cologned received incorporation almost a hundred years later. Today, Cologne is a small-tight knit community of almost 2,000 residents, who enjoy living and playing among a rural, natural setting.

Best Fun things to do in Cologne, MN

This small town has plenty to do — either for a day trip or a weekend getaway. Here are some of the top things to do in Cologne. 

Recreational Areas in Cologne

  • There are eight parks located in Cologne offering all the amenities you need for a fun outdoor adventure. Check out some of the more popular: Marion Field, Meadow Park, VFW Park and Lions Park.
  • Snap a few selfies, take a walk or just lounge among the scenic Gardens of Lake Benton, also offering great views of the lake.

Restaurants and Bars in Cologne

  • For the best ambiance in town, head to Bunky’s Bar & Grill, where you’ll find classic comfort items like meatloaf mashed potatoes gravy, prime rib sandwich and Miller taps.
  • Find down-home American cooking in a no-fuss setting at Pounder’s Bar & Grill, in addition to Saturday night music and outdoor entertainment when weather permits.
  • Eat among historic downtown Cologne at the House Café, where you’ll find a nice mix of authentic cooking in a family-owned setting.

Other Fun things to do in Cologne

  • Minnesota’s scariest attraction comes to Cologne every fall — get your fill of fright at Scream Town haunted house and hayrack ride, employing over 100 actors.
  • To see one of the Midwest’s most attractive collections of barn quilts, visit Barn Quilts of Carver County, a spacious art gallery showcasing quilt art of the area’s historical agricultural icons.
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