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Best Fun things to do in Robbinsdale, MN

Tucked away in the stunning northwestern suburbs of Minneapolis, Fun things to do in Robbinsdale is a charming town, full of fun things to do in Robbinsdale . Located near Crystal Airport, if you find yourself touching down here or you’re visiting for some other reason, there are plenty of ways to spend a day in this city. Let’s take a look at why a trip to Robbinsdale is well worth it.

About Robbinsdale

Closely intertwined with other northwestern suburbs like New Hope, Golden Valley and Brooklyn Center, Robbinsdale has a rich history thanks to its location along the Mississippi River and proximity to Downtown Minneapolis. With the first claim of land filed in 1852, settlers slowly trickled in throughout the second half of the 19th century, until Minneapolis took the extraordinary step of attempting to annex bordering townships in 1886. With this, the Village of Crystal, which included what is now Robbinsdale, was incorporated thanks to some crafty legislative maneuvering. Namesake of the future town, Andrew Robbins, first gazed upon the scenic beauty of the area just a year later on a train ride via the St. Paul, Minneapolis and Manitoba Railway. He immediately recognized the opportunity that lay within the natural resources and its closeness to a growing Minneapolis. He quickly bought almost 100 acres of land and set out to found a thriving suburb. With the incorporation of his Northside Street Railway Company, which brought extended transportation access to the town, as well as a newly constructed road, he set the suburb up for success going into the 20th century. Thus, the town officially split from the Village of Crystal and became the Village of Robbinsdale. Throughout World War I, the town graciously furnished a large share of soldiers, which led to a strong commitment to local servicemen that still exists today in the form of veteran-based groups and businesses. By the second half of the 20th century, Robbinsdale had become a classic American suburb whose residents enjoyed a quintessential middle-class lifestyle. As of today, the dream of Andrew Robbins has been realized — the first-ring suburb of Robbinsdale is a great place to visit, live and work, with its many attractive residential neighborhoods and easy access to big-city amenities.

Fun things to do in Robbinsdale, MN

With a ton of excellent restaurants, recreational areas and other activities around town, there are things to do throughout Robbinsdale. Just look to any of the recommendations below:

Restaurants & Bars in Robbinsdale

  • Pig Ate My Pizza: Enjoy award-winning pizzas and an extensive beer list — but put your name in early as it always seems to be packed.
  • Nonna Rosa’s Ristorante Italiano: Experience classic home cooking, Italian style, at this locally run restaurant offering classic pasta dishes and an impressive wine list.
  • Athens Cafe: A longstanding, old-school eatery serving up large-portioned gyros and other Mediterranean staples.

Parks in Robbinsdale

  • Lakeview Terrace Park: Find park amenities like lakeside trails, fishing spots and sports fields, in addition to Three Rivers Park trail access that connects to the nearby Grand Rounds of Minneapolis. 
  • Graeser Park-Historic Wayside Rest: Walk along a historic rock garden, water features and beehive stations that were installed during the Great Depression, and stay up to date with this space, because restoration is ongoing.

Other Fun Things to do in Robbinsdale

  • Minnesota Makers: A small art shop selling the works of more than 100 artists out of Minnesota, plus public and private classes that are great for learning and entertainment alike.
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