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Featured Alumni – Nick

Who are you?

My name is Nick, and I live with my wife and our dog and cat in Eden Prairie about a mile east of Flying Cloud.  I’m a pharmacist by training and currently work for United Healtcare in Minnetonka.  My wife and I both love the outdoors and you can find us hitting the trails for a run or perhaps paddle boarding on Staring Lake looking for planes!

Who are you

How did you get into aviation?

Nick fascination with aviation started at a young age.  I joined the Aviation Explorers in Grand Forks, ND where we were well connected with the flight school at the University of North Dakota.  As part of that program I had a chance to go to Airventure in Oshkosh and work the air show.  Getting to park plans and talk with pilots from around the world got me hooked.  Although I considered a career in aviation, I ultimately decided it wasn’t right for me but vowed to make it a life long hobby.  Unfortunately, life got in the way and I never picked it up.  But in 2011 we moved to our current house in Eden Prairie and when I realized I was less than a mile from a flight school, I asked if not now, then when?  My wife bought me a discovery flight at Inflight and the rest is history.



Things you liked about Inflight 

Nick have been able to seen Inflight grow from a small operation with only a couple aircraft and instructors out of Modern Avionics to the school it is today.  Throughout that expansion they have maintained their commitment to friendly personal service and transparent and competitive pricing.  I just feel comfortable when I walk into Inflight that I’m going to have a great experience in a well-maintained airplane and that help is only a question away.


Inflight grow

Favorite flying memories?

Nick have many, but my favorite has to be taking my wife up for the first flight after my check ride.  There was something about the experience of being able to fly with a passenger that wasn’t your instructor that really makes you feel like a “real” pilot.  Since then I have been able to take many family and friends up in the air and enjoy it every time, even in there have been some airsickness moments!

I generally stay in the local area, but I have started to make a habit out of looking for “$100 Hamburger” experiences and find airports with a restaurant in walking distance.  Some of may favorites are Holman’s Table in St. Paul as well as the diner next to the airport in Olivia, MN.  I also love flying the St. Croix River Valley, especially in the fall, and there are many great airports along the way.  Flying into Winona along the river is always a great experience.Advice for someone starting their training.

Advice for someone starting their training?

Nick simple, START!  The program at Inflight is so flexible that you don’t have to be paranoid about life getting in the way, it will.  I had several instances where months went by and I was unable to fly.  The great thing about aviation is you don’t lose your work. So, when this happens, just grab your instructor and get back in the saddle.  It made it easy to keep moving and make adjustments as your schedule and budget dictate.  There is no excuse that can’t be overcome.




I have absolutely no regrets about pursing my private pilot’s license and especially about choosing Inflight.  I may never go further than my private pilot license, but even if that is the case, I have developed a set of skills that I will have with me forever.  And it’s always fun to tell your friends and family that you’re a pilot!