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Best Fun things to do in Watertown, MN

Small-town charm, natural beauty and plenty of tourist attractions make Fun things to do in Watertown, MN a popular destination for those traveling to the Twin Cities. Whether you’re a pilot who just landed at the airport in nearby Winsted or you’re visiting for some other reason, let’s take a look at some of the things you can do to in watertown entertain yourself while visiting this wholesome suburb.

About Watertown

Like other outer-ring suburbs, the history of Watertown stretches back to the incorporation of Minnesota as a U.S. territory. Once home to the Dakota, they ceded much of the land to the federal government, opening the area to white settlers. However, it wouldn’t be until 1856 when two men, Alexander Moore and David Bickford discovered the area’s riches via the Crow River and unofficially named it Rapid City. Another influential settler was Isaac Lewis, a wealthy businessman who funded much of the development of the area. With the addition of a sawmill, hotel, general store and Catholic church, the town saw a rapid increase in population throughout the last half of the 19th century. Many of the town’s historic buildings that still stand today, some financed by Isaac Lewis himself, were erected during this period. Now renamed Watertown, by the 1900s, it had become an essential component in the state’s food processing industries, with the addition of a creamery and canning factory. The town experienced steady growth throughout the first and second world wars, making many civic improvements and bringing the suburb into the modern day. Since its humble beginnings, the town has maintained its quaint feel, attracting small-scale businesses and an increasing residential population who enjoy a more relaxed way of life. Today, Watertown maintains a nice mix of amenities, with attractive neighborhoods, great schools, thriving commerce sector and many public parks.

Fun things to Do in Watertown

While small, there’s no shortage of things to do in Watertown, MN — take a look at some of the highlights below:

Restaurants in Watertown

  • B’s On The River offers American fare in a scenic setting, along with a nine-hole golf course for a pre- or post-meal round.
  • Head to Riverside Bar & Restaurant to experience a local dive that offers more than meets the eye — enjoy handmade bar fare and big buckets of beer.
  • For hefty portions of mouth-watering smoked meats with a Texas twist, try South Fork BBQ.
  • Find classic Italian fare along with plenty of gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan friendly options. Plus, a cozy atmosphere makes Mario’s Italian Kitchen worth the stop.

Recreation in Watertown

  • Bring Fido along for a romp around Watertown Dog Park with both a wide open area and smaller fenced-in spot for smaller pups.
  • Experience the great mix of power and tranquility with a trip down Crow River State Water Trail via kayak or canoe. One of the most popular legs starts in Watertown and goes down to Rockford.
  • There are four medium-sized lakes near Watertown that offer swimming, fishing and boating, among other aquatic activities — check out Rice Lake to the north, Swede Lake to the south, and Oak and Mud Lakes in between.

Activities & Fun Things To Do In Watertown

  • For a great family-friendly outing, take a trip just outside of Watertown to LuceLine Orchard. Pick apples, pumpkins and other fresh goodies, or get up close and personal to the livestock at the petting zoo.
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