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Best Fun things to do in Rosemount, MN

Whether you’re visiting the Twin Cities for pleasure or you live in one of the area’s many great suburbs, a stop in Rosemount may be well worth your time. With plenty of public parks, excellent entertainment and dining options, and attractive neighborhoods, there’s plenty to do in this bustling city. Best Fun things to do in Rosemount, MN

Let’s take a look at how you can enjoy your stay in Rosemount — here we go!

About Rosemount

The town of Rosemount was born out of a diverse geographical region, carved by a giant glacier 10,000 years ago. This shaped the unique terrain of the town, with its many ponds dotted around the north and vast prairie grasslands in the south. Along with neighboring suburbs Eagan and Apple Valley, the land was officially handed over to the U.S. government in 1851 by the Santee Sioux. The treaty officially allowed an influx of European settlers to come to the area — most notably from Ireland. Today, a strong Irish heritage is found throughout the town in the name and logo of the schools, as well as the annual Leprechaun Days event. However, these roots were laid all the way back in 1853, when the first Irish Catholic settlers staked their claims and organized a township. Thanks to the arrival of major roads and railways, Rosemount became home to many aspiring business owners and industrial agriculturalists, and was officially incorporated much earlier than other Minneapolis/St. Paul suburbs in 1875. A town hall was quickly erected a year later and the official population was recorded at just under 1,000. The town continued its steady growth through the beginning of the 1900s and into World War I. From 1942 to 1945, the federal government acquired an additional 13,000 acres of farmland to construct a munitions plant for World War II. Since this plant was never fully utilized, they handed over 8,000 acres to the University of Minnesota. The acreage still houses the Agricultural Research Station and Dakota County Technical College. By January 1975, the village of Rosemount was officially incorporated as a city. With an organized government, the town was now set up for success going into the 21st century and beyond. Today, the city of Rosemount is home to 25,000 residents, who enjoy a rural-suburban mix, that’s far enough away from the big city hustle of the Twin Cities, but not too far away from a number of great amenities.

Fun things to Do in Rosemount

With its great mix of natural attractions, dining, shopping and entertainment opportunities, Rosemount has a number of things to do – take a look at some of the following highlights:

Parks & Recreation in Rosemount

  • Caroll’s Woods: With wonderful walking paths, play area for kids and shaded wooded areas, spend some time unwinding at this park.
  • Vermillion Highlands: This wildlife management area offers season hunting, miles of paved trails and wildlife spotting in a prairieland and forested environment.
  • Innisfree Park: Offering great access to a local pond, this park has scenic views, hiking paths, event pavilions and a jungle gym, among other basic amenities. 

Food & Beverage in Rosemount

Other Fun things to do in Rosemount

  • Whitetail Woods Camper Cabins: Experience some of the more unique accommodations in the Twin Cities at this camper-cabin / park area.
  • Discovery Flight: Get the chance to fly an airplane under the direction of a professional, while taking in an aerial view of Rosemount. The area’s top flight school, Inflight Pilot Training gives you the chance to take to the skies, thousands of feet above the Twin Cities suburbs.


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