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Best Fun things to do in Orono, MN

Best Fun things to do in Orono as I Known as the “Lakeshore City”, the bustling suburb of Orono is a friendly, beautiful community to both live in and visit. If you’re trying to plan stops on your first solo cross-country flight route, and you happen to be heading north, a visit to Orono may be well worth it. Let’s take a deeper look at this Minneapolis suburb, and all the great ways to enjoy the town of Orono, Minnesota.

About Orono

With its proximity to Lake Minnetonka and other affluent suburbs, as well as its own lengthy repertoire of things to do, Orono is one of the Twin Cities’ most prized destinations. But, it didn’t start out that way. Dating back to the 1800s, when Minnesota was first incorporated into U.S. territory, the town was located in both Excelsior and Medina. But, the locals had pride in their local claims, and soon carved out many separate local townships along the lake shores, like soon-to-be Shorewood and Wayzata, with the Township of Orono established in 1889. Thanks to its location among such a stunning natural setting, tourism blossomed in the area, as business moguls and capital venturists set up shops, hotels, condos and restaurants. As such, the area thrived well into the 20th century. Fast-forward to the mid-1950s, Orono was finally incorporated, which included a number of settlements like Stubbs Bay and Crystal Bay. Although the town’s boundaries have shifted, the soul of Orono has stayed the same — congenial, attractive and fun. Today, the population enjoys easy access to wonderful wilderness areas, downtown Minneapolis and much more.

Fun things to Do in Orono

With a fantastic mix of dining, entertainment and shopping options, along with plenty of public parks and recreational areas, there are things to do all around Orono. Take a look at some of the following options:

Recreational Areas in Orono

  • There are over 260 acres of land dedicated to parks in the city of Orono. Each provides their own unique amenities, from sports facilities to playgrounds to swimming beaches, hiking trails, event pavilions and more.
  • Hit the links at Orono Public Golf Course. Open to anyone, this course offers a higher level of play with varying topography, imposing trees and nine-hole rounds.

Dining in Orono

  • Head to the “dining complex” known as Lord Fletcher’s, located on the shores of the West Arm on Lake Minnetonka. Enjoy steak and other casual eats in a unique, shoreside setting.
  • Vann Restaurant is a modern eatery that stands out among old-school lake-based haunts. It was also recently awarded, “Best Restaurant in the Burbs 2020” by the recently shuttered, but forever remembered, City Pages.

Shopping And Fun things to do in Orono

  • For all of your nautical needs, from service to sales to on-water advice and beyond, set your sails toward Wayzata Marine, located between Crystal and Maxwell Bays.
  • Get your daily history lesson at Noerenberg Memorial Gardens, which isn’t just the finest formal garden in Minnesota, but was also once home to famous German immigrant, brewer and founder of Grain Belt Beer, Frederick Noerenberg. 
  • If you’re searching for the ultimate thrill in Orono, team with the area’s premier flight instructors, Inflight. Try a one-hour, introductory Discovery Flight, where you take control of an airplane and fly thousands of feet above the Minneapolis metro area.


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