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Best Fun things to do in Minnetrista, MN

Best Fun things to do in Minnetrista, MN is home to some excellent things to see and do — whether you live here or just passing through on your first solo flight, here are some things worth exploring in this affluent suburb.

About Minnetrista

Carved out by massive glaciers thousands of years ago, the natural landscape of Minnetrista is one of the main attractions throughout much of the western Minneapolis suburbs. Named from the Dakota words, “minne” meaning water and “trista” meaning crooked, the town has occupied the western shoreline of Lake Minnetonka since the 1800s, although it’s history begins much earlier than that. Like neighboring suburbs, Mound and Shorewood, the area’s history is rich with Native American culture, who built nearly 70 impressive ancient burial mounds throughout the area well before European settlers ever arrived. However, by 1849, Minnesota was officially adopted as a United States territory, and more and more people showed up to start a new life among the untamed northern wilderness. One of these settlers, Samuel Merriman, was one of the initial settlers in Minnetrista, before it had an official name. That changed in 1859, when the town’s government officially adopted the Native American reference. The town grew in significance, when at the turn of the 20th century, the Yellowstone Trail was constructed. As one of the first coast-to-coast roads for vehicles, it brought many new tourists, residents and business interests to the area. For several decades, the area catered to tourists who spent summers vacationing along Lake Minnetonka’s shores, and attracted a community of affluent residents.  1960 brought official municipality to Minnetrista’s government, and in the 70s, it was fully incorporated as a city. And Minnetrista continues to thrive today; with great access to Lake Minnetonka and all of its wonderful aquatic activities, along with a number of excellent dining and entertainment options, tourists and residents flock to this lake-side town for all sorts of fun things to do.

Fun Things to Do in Minnetrista

Keep reading to find some of the best things to do in Minnetrista, MN

Dining in Minnetrista

Recreational Areas in Minnetrista

  • Minnetrista is a water-lovers dream destination. There are a ton of lakes throughout the city:
    • In the heart of Minnetrista is the spring-fed White Tail Lake, deep and fishable, and particularly beautiful in the fall.
    • Halsted’s Bay is connected to larger Lake Minetonka, and at 420 acres, is much smaller and quieter than its neighbor.
    • Dutch Lake is only 170 acres in size and just 45’ deep, but it’s extremely popular with fishermen, offering abundant crappie, walleye and pike swimming its waters.
  • For a more traditional park experience, try Lake Minnetonka Regional Park in the southeast corner of Minnetrista. Here, enjoy picturesque walks along the shoreline, the public swimming area, a fishing pier, playground and hiking trails.

Entertainment & Fun things to do in Minnetrista

  • For a private experience on the links, head to Burl Oaks Golf Club, where you’ll find grade-A golfing at a fraction of the price of other other country clubs in Minnetonka.
  • Minnetrista’s number one flight school offers a one-hour introductory course known as a Discovery Flight, where you get to fly an airplane under the guidance of a professional. Learn more about the lifestyle of a pilot, while seeing the beauty of western Minneapolis from above.


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