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Best Fun things to do in Lino Lakes, MN

Tucked away among the vast natural scenery of the northeastern St. Paul suburbs, Fun things to do in Lino Lakes makes a great stop if you’re making the trip to Minnesota. From many outstanding recreation opportunities, excellent dining and entertainment options, and home to private airport, Lino AirPark, you’ll have a relaxing experience in this town. Let’s take a look at some of the great things you can do and see Fun things to do in Lino Lakes, MN.

About Lino Lakes

Before white settlers arrived in the 1850s, Native American tribes, particularly the Dakota, were the original inhabitants of the land in and around Lino Lakes. When the U.S. incorporated the territory of Minnesota, hunters and trappers moved in to take advantage of the area’s natural resources. Eventually, the town grew large enough to be organized as the township of Centerville in 1857, called such because of its equidistance placement between the Capital of St. Paul, Stillwater, and Anoka, encompassing a massive 36 square miles. The town attracted many German emigrants that cleared the land for agricultural and livestock purposes, which quickly became the central focus of the area’s economy. Following an increase in new laborers and their families in and around Kettle River Junction, along with the construction of a road now known as highway 8, the roots of the future Lino Lakes were firmly planted. By the time of the boom of post-World War II, the town of Centerville was growing too large to maintain with its current form of government. As such, the town split into three separate townships of Centerville, Circle Pines and Lino Lakes, with the bulk of 33 square miles going to the latter. Just two decades later, the Minnesota state legislature deemed all villages to become cities, transforming Lino Lakes Township into the City of Lino Lakes. Even though it’s a third-ring suburb of Minneapolis today, Lino Lakes remains committed to conserving its lakes, forests and other scenic areas, and attracts many visitors throughout the year looking to escape the big-city hustle. 

Fun things to do in Lino Lakes, MN

With its abundance of natural recreational areas and easy access to dining, shopping and entertainment, there are a ton of things to do around Lino Lakes. Take a look at some of the following recommendations:

Parks & Recreation in Lino Lakes

  • Lino Lakes has more than 15 lakes and thanks to the city’s tight restrictions that only allow development on one out of every five acres, the area’s entire ecosystem naturally flourishes. Plus, there are more than 15 miles of creek, navigable by canoe or kayak, and 400 wetland areas with unique wildlife, so there’s more than enough ways to enjoy the water.
  • 19 parks dot the Lino Lakes landscape, offering all of the outdoor amenities you may need, from walking paths to playgrounds, sports fields, basketball courts, picnic pavilions, bbq pits and more. Some of the more popular options include Rice Lake Chain of Lakes Park Reserve, Lino Park and Highland Meadows Park.

Dining in Lino Lakes

  • Don’t get caught up in over-hyped restaurants by making a trip to Pizza T, a restaurant that gets down to brass tacks with classic pies, hoagies, calzones as well as a smattering of Mexican options.
  • Watch the big game or hustle the pool table at Trappers Bar and Grill, offering up basic American fare and a welcoming bar.
  • For Asian-inspired specialties, visit Mac Kitchen serving everything from seafood fried rice, hot and spicy chicken, homemade pho and fresh crawfish.

Activities & Fun Things To Do In Lino Lakes

  • Try your hand at the slots, poker table or the racetrack at Running Aces. This 24-hour casino offers seasonal horse racing and other classic gambling options in an expansive complex.
  • Try something extraordinary with a Discovery Flight, where you actually get to pilot a small aircraft. Team with the best flight instruction team in Lino Lakes, Inflight Pilot Training, and experience what it’s like to watch the world from above.


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