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Best Fun things to do in Jordan, MN

Surrounded by scenic wilderness on all sides, Best Fun things to do in Jordan remains a top-tier destination for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the Twin Cities and reconnect with nature. Plus, with its small-town feel, Jordan supplies plenty of other quaint amenities to both residents and visitors alike.

About Jordan

Nestled in the southwest suburbs of Minneapolis, the history of Jordan begins with two lumberjack brothers, Thomas and William Homes, who scouted and settled the area in order to take advantage of its abundant natural resources. Not much longer after that, the town saw an increase in residents with the construction of a hotel, church, school, tavern, post office, sawmill and a number of homes by 1859. Although it was nameless throughout much of its early history, William Holmes officially adopted the name “Jordan”, after the biblical river of the same name. Soon enough, with the introduction of two railways, the population boomed to almost 1,000 by the end of the 19th century. Throughout the next several decades, Jordan continued to prosper, although the town stuck to its small-town roots. Long-standing general stores, breweries, hardware stores and other establishments set up shop within the town’s borders, while agricultural efforts slowly cemented the area as an economic powerhouse. Today, Jordan remains a thriving town within the quickly growing Scott County and Minneapolis metro area. Here, you’ll find a great mix of natural amenities and a small-town atmosphere, and many fun things to do.

Things to Do in Jordan

If you’re looking for a day of adventure, a trip to Jordan is well worth your time — check out a few of the highlights of this great suburb below:

Restaurants and Bars in Jordan

  • Linsey’s BBQ And Grill serves up delicious smoked meats in a laid-back setting. A few of their more popular items include the mouth-watering brisket and the hefty racks of ribs.
  • For classic family dining, look no further than Feed Mill Restaurant, where you can fill up on everything from all-day breakfast to a Friday buffett and other comfort foods.
  • For a traditional, no-fuss pizza night, head to Clancy’s Bar & Pizza Parlor, serving up thin-crust pies as well as burgers and roasted chicken.
  • Enjoy craft-brewed beer at Roets Jordan Brewery Co., serving up strong pints, growlers and flights, with open family-style seating.

Nature Areas in Jordan

  • While the town of Jordan isn’t incredibly big, it still boasts 13 parks. Some highlights include picturesque Lagoon Park along Mill Pond and Sand Creek Dog Park, where you can let Fido off the leash for some exercise.
  • Jordan is just minutes away from the Minnesota River and the Minnesota Valley State Recreation Area. Here, you can enjoy extensive hiking trails, horseback riding, hunting and other fun outdoor activities.

Fun things to do in Jordan

  • Soothe your sweet tooth with a trip to one of the quirkier destinations in the state — the largest candy store in Minnesota along highway 169.
  • Be amongst nature another way, by golfing a round at Ridges At Sand Creek. Even though it’s a public course, they have highly maintained fairways and greens and offer a full 18-holes.
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