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Best Fun things to do in Delano, MN

Just because it’s smaller and more rural than the main Minneapolis suburbs, doesn’t mean a trip to Delano isn’t worth the time. With access to wonderful natural scenery, an explorable downtown area and plenty of places to get your fill of well-cooked food and premier entertainment, there are things to do all over this city. Plus, as home to private-use Brandt Airport (MN19), you may find yourself landing here if you’re on your first cross-country solo trip or other flying excursion and Fun things to do in Delano.

Let’s take a closer look at why you may want to make the trip to Delano — here we go!

About Delano

First, it’s worth looking at the natural wilderness of Delano, carved by a massive glacier about 25,000 years ago that crafted the rugged landscape. The first humans to visit the central Minnesota area including Delano, were likely hunter-gathers from Asia that used the Bering Strait to access North America around 8,000 B.C. The first traces of recent humans are from the Dakota, Chippewa and Sioux, who are believed to have occupied the area for hundreds of years before white settlers arrived throughout the 1700s and 1800s. By 1868, the growing number of Delano settlers officially mapped out the town’s boundaries, and used a name from local railroad official, Francis Roach Delano. Just a couple years later, a post office that still operates today was constructed, along with the first saloon-shop and even a roller skating pavilion. By all apparent signs, a town was beginning to take shape. Three important buildings were also constructed during the second half of the 19th century that are now on the National Register of Historic Places: the Eagle Newspaper Office built in the early 1880s, the Delano Village Hall built in 1888 and the Simon Weldele House in 1893. A tour of these properties makes for a great way to spend the afternoon delving into the local folklore. Throughout the turn of the 20th century and well into the first half, lumber and milling were the main industries, although those fell out of favor quickly due to lack of interest among local investors. However, agriculture remained strong throughout the 1950s and beyond, injecting wealth into the economy and propping up many of the area’s residents. Although the old ways of life may have disintegrated over time, Delano remains a small town at heart to this day, with plenty of access to rural and suburban amenities alike. 

Fun things to do in Delano

Take a look at some of the recommended things to do in Delano below:

Delano Parks

  • With an extensive park system, take the time to explore one of the city’s many great parks. Delano has a single community park, Central Park, a larger space with more amenities. In addition, there are 10 smaller neighborhood parks along with two passive parks, built for the beautification of high-traffic city areas.
  • And don’t forget about the area’s extensive trail system — find seven different trails connecting miles and miles of walkable and bikeable paths like the County Line Road Trail, Delano Crossings Trail and Woodland Road Trail.

Delano Restaurants

  • Chill out with a beer in one hand, burger in the other, and your eyes fixed on the big game at Dave’s Town Club, where you’ll find tip-top bar fare at rock-bottom prices.
  • For a classic hangout, head to the no-frills Unhinged! Pizza for a pizza buffet, assortment of chicken-based dishes, fried appetizers and tasty ice cream to round-off your meal.
  • Enjoy the perfect mix of delicious food, outstanding ambiance and grade-A service at The King House Restaurant & Bar, with a menu that carries everything from steaks and seafood to fresh home-made pastas and sandwiches.
  • Kick back with a local craft brew at Lupine Brewing Company, where you’ll find drafts, flights and take-away options and an outdoor patio that’s open year round.

Other Activities & Best Fun things to do in Delano

  • Enjoy knocking over some pins while having your fill of cheap beer and pizza at Delano Lanes & Entertainment, offering 11 lanes of bowling plus discounts throughout the week.
  • Try something unique with a Discovery Flight, where you get the opportunity to fly a plane yourself, under guidance of a professional. Experience what Delano and the rest of the Twin Cities suburbs look like from above while gaining a better understanding of what it’s like to be a pilot.

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