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Best Fun things to do in Brooklyn Park, MN

The sixth largest city in Minnesota, and one of the best suburbs to explore, Fun things to do in Brooklyn Park. With its own array of attractive things to do and a great location, providing easy access to Minneapolis and other suburbs like Brooklyn Center and Maple Grove, this northern suburb is well worth a visit. For those who are flying into Crystal Airport, Brooklyn Park is right next door, and makes a great place for some rest and relaxation before you have to hop back in the cockpit. Let’s learn a little more about Brooklyn Park and some of the Fun things to do in Brooklyn Park that make it great.

About Brooklyn Park

Brooklyn Park is situated on the west bank of the Mississippi River and just upstream from downtown Minneapolis. This location was integral to the town’s early development and population growth, after it split from Brooklyn Township in 1860. The first settlers to the area were from Michigan, taking the name from their own hometown.  These settlers were the first to live here, but the town wasn’t officially incorporated as a village until 1954, and then as a city until 1969. Although the town has a long history, Brooklyn Park is still considered a tier-three suburb of Minneapolis/St. Paul, meaning that much of the town was actually developed after the year 2000. As such, the city has seen massive population growth thanks to its development as a largely commuter town. As of 2021, Brooklyn Park remains a popular suburb in the western Minneapolis metropolitan area, with a growing population of about 80,000 who enjoy a great mix of urban/suburban amenities, wide access to public parks and plenty of dining, shopping and entertainment options. 

Fun things to Do in Brooklyn Park

Whether you live here or are just passing through, there are things to do throughout the suburb of Brooklyn Park, MN. Take a look at some of the following recommendations:

Recreational Opportunities in Brooklyn Park

  • There are 60 parks covering 2,000 acres of land in Brooklyn Park, offering amenities for everyone. From long nature trails to archery ranges to hockey rinks in winter and beyond, there’s a lot of ground for you to cover.
  • Lose the leash and let your dog run among nature at one of Brooklyn Park’s two dog parks — Environmental Nature Area Off-Leash Dog Park in the northeast corner of town and Brookdale Park on June Avenue.

Food and Beverage in Brooklyn Park

  • Enjoy classic Italian eatery vibes at Sweet Taste of Italy, serving thin-crust pizzas, sandwiches and all-you-can eat spaghetti.
  • Lemon Grass Thai Cuisine specializes in Asain-fusion specialties, with dishes like basil wings, curry noodles and fried fish, among other creations.
  • Head to Wagner’s Drive-In and enjoy a Brooklyn Park mainstay serving up car-serve burgers, fries, milkshakes and other American eats with a retro flair.

Fun Things to do in Brooklyn Park

  • For a day of fun with the kids, the Twin Cities Maze is the perfect place to bond while trying to get through a large corn maze. Open in the spring and fall, there’s also a pumpkin patch, sunflower field and food trucks for on-site chow.
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