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Best Fun things to do in West St. Paul, MN

The town of West St. Paul is a slice of natural paradise compared to the many other Twin Cities’ suburbs. Situated on the scenic west bank of the Mississippi River, the area is home to gorgeous recreational areas, as well as a fine mix of other urban-suburban amenities. Let’s learn a little bit more about West St. Paul and some of the many great Fun things to do in West St. Paul.

About West St. Paul

The background of West St. Paul is closely related to that of the bordering capital city of Minnesota, St. Paul. Before it became the urban hub it is today, the land was once home to Sioux Native American tribes, the Kaposia and Mendota (where nearby Mendota Heights gets its name). The first settlers arrived in the mid-1800s, bringing with them a rise in agriculture, industry and trade along the limestone bluffs of the Mississippi River’s west bank. Throughout the end of the 19th century, new residents flocked to the area, commerce grew, and the area went from one name to another. Until in 1907, when the City Charter was adopted and an official mayor and council were elected. The population boomed after the conclusion of WWII, and has since become the home of more than 600 businesses, a superior education system and diverse range of neighborhoods.

Today, West St. Paul remains a popular suburb in the Twin Cities metro area, with a strong residential population of about 20,000 that enjoy living and playing among a beautiful setting.

Fun things to Do in West St. Paul

With its great mix of natural attractions, dining and entertainment options, and even shopping opportunities, West St. Paul has a number of things to do – take a look at some of the following highlights:

Parks & Recreation in West St. Paul

  • One of the most popular parks in the entire Twin Cities is located in West St. Paul – Prospect Park – located atop the Mississippi River bluffs on the north tip of West Saint Paul. Find great views of the city, as well as picnic areas, playground, benches and trail access to nearby Cherokee Regional Park and Harriet Island Regional Park.
  • Take a trip into the past while getting some fresh air and exercise at 85-acre Kaposia Park, where you’ll find a historic log cabin, as well as disc golf course, hockey rink and recreation trails.
  • Check out an impressive collection of sporting amenities at West St. Paul Sports Complex, as well as a large picnic area and green space for lounging.

Food & Beverage in West St. Paul

  • The newest restaurant to come to St. Paul Downtown Airport is Holman’s Table, serving modern seafood, meat and pasta fare in a classy setting.
  • Enjoy dinner in a laid-back setting at The Fireside Lounge Bar & Restaurant, where you can choose from things like beer and pub food to breakfast and coffee to all-you-can-eat specials and beyond.
  • Head to The Pizza Shop – West St. Paul for long-standing, time-tested pies, plus calzones, burgers and apps.

Shopping in West St. Paul

  • One trip here will yield all you need. At Signal Hills Shopping Mall, find Rainbow Shops Clothing, Walgreens, Dollar General, as well as a number of restaurants.
  • Find your special treasure at West St. Paul Antiques, specializing in a variety of vintage home décor, clothing and other gifts.

Fun things to do in West St. Paul

  • Take a trip back to the days of speakeasies at Wabasha Street Caves. Once home to mobsters during prohibition, it’s been repurposed into an event venue and recently began hosting “Swing Night” Thursdays as well as a number of other happenings.
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