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Best Fun things to do in Savage, MN

With its ideal setting along the banks of the Minnesota River, Savage is a town full of natural beauty, suburban charm and friendly neighbors. And, that means that there are plenty of great ways to enjoy your time here, whether you’re a resident or visitor – let’s take a look at some of the best fun things to do in Savage, MN.


About Savage

The history of Savage is intertwined with that of the neighboring Twin Cities, but unlike other surrounding suburbs, its location on the Minnesota River largely contributed to the early success of the entire region. The town started as a simple trading post along the river, where settlers from all walks of life would come and go, conducting business along the way. At this point, the town was officially known as “Hamilton”; the area flourished thanks to its importance in the river route between Fort Snelling and Eden Prairie. The tiny village slowly grew, as more and more people set up their homes, farms and shops. The first steam railroad tracks were laid in 1865, opening up even further access to the land. In 1902, an entrepreneur would make Hamilton his home, which changed the course of town for the better.


Founder of the International Stock Food Factory in nearby Minneapolis, Marion Willis Savage built his summer home on the banks of the Minnesota River. While he was a prominent businessman, he was also a horse racing enthusiast. As such, he built a world-class one-mile track just a short ferry ride away, where he trained prize-winning horses – one that even set the world record for the mile sprint, and officially put Savage—the man and the town—on the map. The town continued to be a popular destination for new residents and tourists alike, when another infamous event took place in the summer of 1923. Aviator and first person to fly from New York to Paris nonstop, Charles Lindbergh, made a crash landing in Savage after unexpectedly getting caught in a storm. Legend is, he wrestled himself free from the wreckage and walked to a nearby farm for help. Just four years later, he’d complete his unforgettable transatlantic flight.


As the decades continued, the town thrived, as major manufacturers like Cargill set up headquarters, and helped in the manufacturing of World War II ships. The town also assisted the war effort by offering up its location as the Military Intelligence Service Language School, an effort to improve the foreign language skills of Japanese-American soldiers, and to train them in military intelligence. Today, the town of Savage remains a popular suburb of the Twin Cities to both live and visit thanks to its suburban charm, proximity to big city amenities and lush river-valley scenery.

Fun things to do in Savage

With a variety of restaurants, recreational opportunities, shopping and entertainment venues, there are great things to do throughout the suburb of Savage – check out some of the following options for a fun-filled experience:

Dining in Savage

  • McHugh’s Public House: Laidback Irish-themed venue that features an extensive beer list, live music and breezy open-air patio.
  • Neisen’s Sports Bar & Grill: Check out classic American bar food, a wide combination of cocktails, plus game-night specials at this classic sports bar. 
  • Whiskey Inferno Meat House & Craft Bar: Hip spot with in-your-face décor and a unique variety of fare, from steaks, BBQ and other meaty creations.
  • Windmill Cafe: Old-school, family-operated diner that serves up classic breakfast and lunch in a no-frills environment, every day of the week.

Recreational Areas in Savage

  • Murphy-Hanrehan Park Reserve: An untouched marshland environment great for birdwatching, hiking or mountain biking along rugged trails.
  • Savage Community Park: A large, versatile, centrally located neighborhood hangout, with children’s playgrounds, a sports complex and environmental learning center.
  • Savage Dog Park: Get Fido out for a little fresh air at this two-acre, fenced-in area complete with trees and benches.

Shopping in Savage

  • Savage Town Square: This open-air shopping mall has a variety of stores like Chuck & Don’s, Cub Foods, and Mainstream Boutique, as well as restaurants like Super Dragon and Davanni’s.
  • Savage Crossing: Traditional strip mall with larger chain retailers like OfficeMax, Target and GNC, in addition to Jimmy John’s and Sports Clips.

Fun things to do in Savage

  • Boiling Springs: A little-known spot, where bubbling springs peak up through the natural lagoon’s sand, creating a unique environmental phenomenon.
  • Discovery Flight: Minnesota’s top-ranked flight school offers a memorable, one-hour introductory course, where you get to fly a plane under the direction of a professional. Find out what it’s like to be a pilot while taking-in the view over Savage from thousands of feet above.

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