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Best Fun things to do in Rogers, MN

The northwestern suburb of Rogers is an easy commute to and from Minneapolis/St. Paul as well as the rest of the western suburbs. A clean, safe and family-friendly community, this city offers a fantastic mix of rural-suburban neighborhoods and amenities. Whether you live in Rogers, or are making a trip to the area, here are some of the top best fun things to do in Rogers — let’s get started!


About Rogers

The suburb of Rogers has come a long way since it was first settled by European immigrants in 1854. In the early years, the area was heavily forested and part of a system known as the “Big Woods”. Lush oaks, maples, elms and basswoods flourished here, and brought heavy interest from the timber industry as well as tourists and conservationists. Originally known as Hassan Township, slowly but surely the population grew to eventually include a collection of homes, post office, school, town hall and the cornerstone of the community, St. John’s Episcopal Church. In the 1880s, local resident and namesake John Rogers sold one acre of his plot to Great Northern Railroad for a dollar, allowing them to set up a depot in the town. With access to its wonderful timber resources, the company thrived, essentially putting Rogers on the map. In 1914, Rogers was officially incorporated, even earlier than that of neighboring Maple Grove (1954). Throughout much of the first half of the 20th century, the town remained a consistent, industrious suburb, slowly growing in both residential and commercial population. With the construction of Interstate-94 in 1972 and the access it granted, however, the town’s growth exploded. Although Rogers was once situated on the fringe of vast farmlands, it now occupies a comfortable position between the urban-suburban divide with its nice mix of attractive neighborhoods, vast natural areas and affordable real estate. In fact, it’s become such a popular suburb that the population has grown almost 140 percent to nearly 10,000 in the past 20 years.

Fun things to do in Rogers

The suburb of Rogers is known for its extensive public park system, fine dining, outstanding shopping and fun entertainment options, among other things – take a look at some of the fun things to do:

Dining & Restaurants in Rogers

  • Try a local favorite at Maynard’s Restaurant, a relaxed burger bar that also serves appetizers, flatbreads, steaks and happy-hour specials.
  • Enjoy tasty health-conscious food at your convenience with a trip to Ignite Nutrition, serving up shakes, tea bombs, snacks and more in a counter-serve and drive-thru format. 
  • Kick back with a beer and classic American dish at Short or Tall Eatery & Drink Hall, a large, airy establishment in an industrial setting.
  • Grab a quick breakfast and coffee at Linda’s Café, a family-run diner serving up classic diner fare.

Public Parks & Trails in Rogers

  • Head to Crow-Hassan Park Reserve for a riverfront experience that offers scenic trails, wildlife viewing, horseback riding and winter sports. There’s also a large, off-leash but unfenced dog park, so don’t forget Fido!
  • Escape to a natural wonderland at Henry’s Wood Park where you’ll find walkable paths among a wooded setting, plus footbridges that are great for pictures with the family.
  • Located off Bittersweet Lane, North Community Park is all sweet with none of the bitter. Its 50 acres of playable area includes baseball fields, soccer fields, volleyball court, hiking trails and a sledding hill in the winter.

Shops & Fun things to do in Rogers

  • Find that perfect retro treasure at the Antique Mall of Rogers, where you can sift through vintage décor, home goods, art and more.
  • The holidays are coming up, so prepare with a trip to Stony Hill Gifts and Home Décor, where you’ll find a bevy of charming presents for yourself and others.
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