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Best Fun things to do in Lauderdale, MN

Best Fun things to do in Lauderdale is one of the top northern suburbs of the Twin Cities, offering the perfect mix of urban and suburban amenities for both residents and visitors, alike. Once a part of Rose Township, that included towns like Rosedale and Saint Anthony Village, the city now known as Lauderdale is a small yet active community with many parks, restaurants, entertainment options and more. For those making the trip to Lauderdale, here is some crucial information you should know – let’s get started!

About Lauderdale

Located just north of St. Paul and the popular Como and Dinkytown neighborhoods, Lauderdale has come a long way in its 150+ year history. The area’s first settlers were a family of farmers, the Walsh Family, who worked the land at the north end of Eustis Street—which is still present today—beginning in the mid-1850s. The town remained part of Rose Township, and slowly grew in population until it was officially incorporated in early 1949, named after a prominent local businessman, William Lauderdale. Throughout the second half of the 20th century, the population of the Twin Cities grew, but Lauderdale stayed level, and still remains a small, close-knit community of just around 2,500 people. Today, Lauderdale lies right on the cusp of the urban-suburban divide among Twin Cities suburbs, and has more than enough to offer those who are looking for fun things to do. 

Fun things to do in Lauderdale

With a large area of the town dedicated to recreational areas, and plenty of shopping, dining and entertainment options – there are plenty of ways to enjoy your time in Lauderdale. Check out some of the following highlights:

Recreation in Lauderdale

  • There are multiple parks in Lauderdale – head to Lauderdale Community Park which has something for everyone, including a dog park, tennis courts, playground and plenty of open green space. Or, take in the view of the Minneapolis/St. Paul city skyline at Skyview Park, a place that truly lives up to its name.
  • This small suburb provides easy access to several golf courses, including Midland Hills Country Club, Gross National Golf Club and Columbia Golf Course, all of which are highly rated within the Minneapolis park system.

Food & Beverage in Lauderdale

  • The long-standing Station 280 is a popular sports bar offering pizza and other pub fare, as well as darts, pool and shuffleboard.
  • Head to the small, enduring hangout known as Manning’s Café for classic burgers and other American comfort food plus beer.
  • Zakia Deli is a local Mediterranean grub spot where you can get something or enjoy your meal on their spacious patio.
  • One of the Twin Cities’ top Finnish dining destinations, Finnish Bistro Coffee & Café, head to this counter-serve spot for a variety of food from the European palette.

Shopping and Fun things to do in Lauderdale

  • Milton Square is a charming outdoor complex with several small shops, located on the corner of Como and Carter Avenues. Shop a variety of stores, including vintage shop Thistle, indie bookstore Winding Trail Books, and boutique Scarborough Fair.
  • Insight Brewing & Taproom is Lauderdale’s top brewery, serving up tasty beers in their taproom, as well as take-home growlers and a large gift shop.
  • For history buffs, spend an afternoon at Gibbs Farm, a seasonal site with guided tours featuring costumed interpreters recounting the pioneer days. Also, enjoy social-distance friendly online exhibitions via their website.
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