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Best Fun things to do in Farmington, MN

Best Fun things to do in Farmington might not be top of mind for those thinking about planning a visit to Minnesota, this small, quiet suburb of the Twin Cities still has plenty to offer. As you can probably guess, the town was originally named for the numerous farms dotting the nearby landscape, but since then, the town has evolved, now boasting numerous parks, restaurants, and even the Dakota County Fairgrounds.  For those interested in making a trip to Farmington, here are some of the top Fun things to do in Farmington.


About Farmington

Located about 30 miles southeast of Minneapolis, and five miles south of Eagan, the town of Farmington initially began to attract settlers due to its strategic location over several intersection railroads, the Vermillion River, and the lush farmland that gives the town its namesake. Officially founded in 1872, the town was put on the map when the Dakota County Fair was moved within its borders, just a few years earlier, where it’s still held to this day. Throughout the next 100 years, the town grew steadily, and as it approached the centennial celebration in 1972, numerous suburban neighborhoods and an expanding downtown and thriving public parks system had been put in place. Investment into the town continued well into the turn of the 21st century, with a thriving school system, attractive commercial opportunities and protected natural areas. Today, Farmington lies right on the cusp of vast farmlands, but still has plenty to offer those who prefer more hustle and bustle of larger suburbs. 

Fun things to do in Farmington

While the majority of the town is now residential, there are still several commercial areas to explore, along with a number of parks and recreation-focused activities. Take a look at some of the highlights of this suburb below:

Food & Beverage in Farmington

  • BlueNose Coffee is a local favorite for your daily cup of joe, or if you need to pick up some of their roasted-on-site coffee beans. 
  • There are a range of food options in this small suburb. Two local favorites include Weng’s Kitchen for casual Chinese fare, and El Charro Mexican Restaurant for tasty tacos, margaritas and more.
  • The local Sweet Kneads Farmington Bakery offers delicious cookies, pastries and custom cakes for any event.
  • Farm Town Brew Hall offers a traditional brew hall experience with local beers on tap and a range of delicious snacks. The addition of indoor ax throwing makes this a spot you’ll want to spend an afternoon at. 

Recreation in Farmington

  • The Empire Township Trail is a well-maintained trail that runs along historical railroad tracks and cuts over the Vermillion River, leading right to downtown.
  • This small suburb boats two golf courses: Southern Hills and Fountain Valley Golf Club. Either option provides beautiful rolling landscapes you won’t get at courses closer to the cities. 
  • Whitetail Woods Regional Park is a scenic 456-acre getaway with hiking and biking trails. It also includes some picturesque camper cabins available for rent. 

Other Fun things to do in Farmington

  • Step back into time at the Dakota City Heritage Village where you can learn about the history of the area with a replica village and museum. 
  • If you time your visit right, you can also check out the Dakota County Fair, held at the fairground each August. 
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