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Best Fun things to do in Burnsville, MN

Best Fun things to do in Burnsville Known as the “South of the River City”, Best Fun things to do in Burnsville is a thriving suburb just 15 miles south of Downtown Minneapolis. Because of its abundant natural attractions, plenty of recreational, dining and entertainment opportunities, Fun things to do in Burnsville is a fantastic place to both live and visit. If you’re searching for information about this popular suburb and some of the best things to do here, keep reading to learn more.

About Burnsville

Today, the town of Burnsville is just a quick drive down Interstate 35W to Minneapolis. However, back in the early days, travel between the two towns wasn’t as easy. As such, Burnsville became important for travelers and commerce moving between the Twin Cities and the rest of the Midwest. Located on the south bank of the Minnesota River, just upstream from the Mississippi River junction, more and more businesses started coming to the area. Originally, however, the Mdewakanton Dakota tribe owned the land, who hunted its abundant deer, water fowl and fish populations. When the Dakota nation ceded land in 1851, many Irish, Scotish and Norweigan settlers came from St. Paul to set up farms, including the town’s namesake, William Byrne, who claimed land just southeast of Savage. In the mid-1860s, railroad and ferry access marked a turn in the town to a place where tourists started to flock. Cottages sprang up along Crystal Lake and resorts were constructed in Downtown Burnsville, and the town remained relatively quiet until the end of World War II when a suburban boom came to Minneapolis. The arrival of I-35W in 1960 brought even more access to the town, and the population continued to grow.

Today, the population sits at 65,000 and has become one of the most popular suburbs in the south-southwest Twin Cities.

Fun things to do in Burnsville, MN

To find the best way to spend a day in Burnsville, take a look at some of the following attractions:

Recreational Areas in Burnsville

  • Head to Buck Hill for a day of skiing, snowboarding or tubing on the slopes, plus enjoy off-season mountain biking and year-round events on the park grounds.
  • Let your dog run at Alimagnet Dog Park, where you’ll find a tree-covered, 85-acre park with a lake, trails and canoe launches.
  • Birdwatchers, bikers and hikers unite at Murphy-Hanrehan Park Reserve to enjoy this largely undeveloped area known for its multi-use trails.
  • On the shores of Crystal Lake, Tyacke Park features boating and beach-going, as well as trails, picnic areas and pavilions.
  • For a smaller, more neighborhood-oriented park experience, wander through Skyline Park off Melody Lane, where you’ll find traditional amenities, as well as a hockey rink in the winter.

Restaurants and Bars in Burnsville

  • Get your surf on at the unique Porter Creek Hardwood Grill for a California-influenced menu in a lodge setting.
  • Get some of the best wings in the Twin Cities metro area at Muddy Chicken, offering plenty of variety with their poultry dishes.
  • Clive’s Roadhouse serves up comfort foods in a comfortable setting, where you can always catch the big sports game.

Entertainment and Shops in Burnsville

  • All the retail therapy you need is at Burnsville Center, featuring more than 100 stores on three floors, across a million square feet. Find big-name brands like JCPenney, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Macy’s, Sears and countless others.
  • Move out of your comfort zone at Grand Slam, an indoor activity center with laser tag, batting cages, trampoline park and mini golf.
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